•  This article is written by Farjad Akmal for PWP from Karachi city, Sindh, Pakistan

We all are aware of monsoon and its causes….this article is written just to tell and know about monsoon 2012 ………The start of May begins with a blazing sunshine and scorching heat which tends the air pressure to fall espically in Sindh…Ok that we know …BUt lets talk about monsoon …the conditions are changing contiously around Bay of Bengal thus giving the impression of El_nino well its looking quite correct and Beging Climate has already predicted deficit of monsoon in Many Areas of subcontinent ….ACCORDING TO US (NOAA) CLIMATE the conditions are Neutral….IMD ARE predicting normal monsoon this year…. But its to be remembered that 2009 prediction of IMD got wronged …. Well 2009 was a year of drought in most part of India and Pakistan BUt Gujrat and KARACHI receivie ample amount of rains PMD has already predicted above normal rains in lower Sindh…. some model suggest negative precepiation in most of subcontient  by Bejing Climate ….And its verfied that Bejing Climate centre have predicted quite right  about monsoon BUT  what i think there is a possibilty of three floods ,One is NW ,second in N and third in NE.  

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3 responses »

  1. Daniyal says:

    What is your prediction for monsoon in lahore normal or below normal rainfall?

  2. farjad2khan says:

    normal to below normal

  3. Kashif Ilyas says:

    and what is your prediction for Islamabad, rains will be below normal??

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