Massive Earthquake hit UAE, Iran, Pakistan and India. The magnitude was 7.8 on Richter Scale. Two tremors were felt in Karachi just at 3:48 pm.

In January 2011, a similar earthquake of same pattern of magnitude 7.2 hit UAE, Iran, Pakistan, India and other adjoining countries, it followed a similar pattern like today’s earthquake.

Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) started giving updates from April 16 (3:48 pm PKT, earthquake hit the country at 3:44 pm PKT) and PWP continues to give updates about the strongest earthquake in 40 years in the region.

Update at 3:50 pm PKT on April 16

Earthquake rocks UAE, Pakistan and western India.

Update at 3:59 pm PKT on April 16

Magnitude is 7.9 of the Earthquake, initial readings. Powerful tremors in Karachi at 3:48 pm !!!!!! There were two tremors here, Earthquake in UAE, Iran, Pakistan and India.

Update at 4:05 pm PKT on April 16

Traffic jam at major roads of Karachi, buildings evacuated. The Center of the Earthquake was Pak-Iran border.

Update at 4:11 pm PKT on April 16

Earthquake downgraded at 7.8 magnitude by U.S Geological Survey. Major cities of Pakistan felt the Earthquake that is Islamabad, Lahore, Multan, Peshawar, Quetta and Hyderabad.

Update at 4:17 pm PKT on April 16

Panic in Karachi slowly easing, no fatality occurred during the massive earthquake in Iran, UAE, Pakistan and India. No threat of tsunami.

Update at 4:20 pm PKT on April 16

BREAKING NEWS: Part of building collapses in Karachi, 5 people injured!!

Update at 4:37 pm PKT on April 16

The center of Earthquake

The center of Earthquake

BREAKING NEWS: 100 people feared dead in Iran, the number could rise. The center of the Earthquake seen above.

Update on 4:57 pm at April 16

Five people dead in Panjgur (Balochistan), five injured in Karachi, 45 people dead in Iran. Destruction might have occurred in western parts of Balochistan, no media coverage there yet!

Update on 5:00 pm at April 16

Separate Earthquake hits Indonesia!! magnitude 6!!

Update at 5:18 pm on April 16

Situation back to normal in the affected countries excluding Iran. Aftershocks only occurred in UAE. Massive Earthquake was felt in Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iran, Pakistan and India. 45 people dead in Iran while 850 injured. 5 people dead in Pakistan while 50 injured.

Update at 8:15 pm PKT on April 16

PAK DEATH TOLL RISES - 21 people dead in Mashkel (Balochistan), 1,000 homes destroyed. 65 people injured in the country. Army dispatched to the area.

Update at 8:52 am PKT on April 17

BREAKING NEWS: Fresh Earthquake of magnitude 5.7 rocks southern Iran, tremors felt in Balochistan inlcuding Quetta and Oman. Death toll in Pakistan now 40 while 180 people are injured.

Update on 7:11 pm PKT on April 17


Rain falling with thunder/lightening along with fast winds in the Earthquake-hit areas of Pakistan-Iran.

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56 responses »

  1. Amnah says:

    Yes, I felt the tremors too. They occurred before 3:48 PKT. May be around 3:45ish.

  2. nabeel says:

    it was really , i was on ground floor and i felt first time

  3. Qaiser says:

    we felt two subsequent hits. 2nd lasted for over 30 seconds

  4. Neo says:

    yeah. felt like i m on dance floor.

  5. Qaiser says:

    was that really with a magnitude of 7.9? that is hugeee

  6. Tariq Mahmood says:

    May Allah bless alls in Karachi.

  7. 1st timer says:

    This was my 1st time i felt an earthquake
    My whole bedroom was shaking as if construction was going on ;)

  8. rafaqut says:

    everything looked like jumping on 6thf floor here.

  9. alex dornado says:

    in 2006 felt this type of earthquake now in 2013

  10. irfan says:

    Yeah… that was huge but lasts not longer 10 – 15 seconds… it was a trailer… warning from Allah… It may became a disaster if…….. Allah knows best.

    Allah ko razi karlo Musalmano….. Allah naraz hay hamaray A’amaal say…. Astaghfar karain sab mil k…. Aur Namaz ka ehtemam… Allah ko Mana lo karachi walo…. Allah ko Mana lo…

  11. pakistani says:

    It was really a big hit and people were screaming like hell on earth .may Allah forgive us all ameen

  12. asad says:

    mujhe tu aisa laga k mai koi khoab dekh raha ho yah mujhe koi chakr aya hai

  13. KAABI says:


  14. Noorul Amin says:

    I was on second floor in my office, it was like trembling very fast, like a train is approaching. Really frightening. windows blinds were shivering. Ya Allah forgive us our sins aameen.

  15. baber says:

    ji han aab bhi sudher jao aour logon ko islam k nam per qatral kerna choordo yeh jehad nahin zulm hay

  16. jahanzaib says:

    app baber sahab mufti na banein so called in lightened mammi dady bachay

  17. alishan says:

    i am on third floor and when earthquake came all the thing around me shaked like someone is shaking them

  18. PWP says:

    Glad there was no major damage in the country especially Karachi where the infrastructure is fragile. The quake lasted long, beds, TV, lamps, Mirrors, Windows everything was shaking. Earthquake has a scary sound!

  19. Bilal says:

    Its time for istaghfaar…..

  20. Rizwan Y2J says:

    What About AfterShocks After EarthQuike??

  21. Waseem Ahmed says:

    Hottest weather in nawabshah! 45 centigrade and earthquake felt as well
    is there any possiblity of after shocks?

  22. Noor says:

    Why was there no mention that tremors were also felt in Oman? It was almost the same magnitude as UAE, 3.2. Surprisingly, it is not mentioned at all here!

  23. Khan says:


    yeh bataen ke kuch dinse Karachi ki fiza ajeeb dhundlai hui ya udaas ya sogwar si kyon hai . barishen bhi hui hain . garmi bhi kafi hai . ?!?

    mujhe to kisi tarah ke khouf ya azaab ke saye se lagte hain .



    • PWP says:

      There were some high level clouds with some dust. Temperature rising during this month is normal, this is the heating trend for the monsoon season.

  24. Sardar Ahmad says:

    Its part of the mountain building process.But it was terrifying.Then we had some strong thunderstorms. Margalla hills would have risen a few centimeters.

  25. Tariq says:

    is there any forecast of earthquake tonight?

  26. ali says:

    Aaj Raat 1:20am Say Ley Kar Raat 3:12am Tak Kese Bhi Time Zilzley Ka Jahtake Aa Saktey Hain Hosheyir Rahain. Rpt>BBC NEWS..

    What do you say about this update from BBC NEWS…?

    Do you have a believe on that?

    • PWP says:

      Earthquakes cannot be predicted they are not a weather event. BBC weather site is only for weather. After April’s earthquake there had been 3 after shocks. Further more, earthquakes cannot be forecasted!!

  27. iqra says:

    we are getting the same news. is that right when pwp says earthquakes can not be forecasted?

  28. Waseem Ahmed says:

    Raining heavily in hyderabad
    superb weather

  29. Waseem Ahmed says:

    There is a question mark over pwp crediblitity which said hot and dry weather for sindh for some days but we have got a modrete shower here in hyderabd!

  30. saleem says:

    Babar bhai pmd also forecasted widespread rain during Sunday to Wednesday especially in Singh south Punjab and south kp

  31. syed Ahsan says:

    babar bhai karachi main bhi rain hogi plz is bare main bateiye ga plz

  32. saleem says:

    Babar bhai pmd forecasted widespread rains in the country during Sunday to Wednesday specially in southern parts of the country. What would pop forecast about Western disturbance

  33. muneer says:

    is there ran in hyd

  34. Sardar Ahmad says:


  35. in kashmore area i have not felt the tremors of earthquake

  36. saleem says:

    Hailstorm also mentioned in pmd forecast. Is there any chance of hailstorm in the country?

  37. faizan says:

    when the new article will be published?

  38. Waseem Ahmed says:

    Sir plz mention how much rain occured in hyderabad last day? Because iam unable to open pakmet

  39. Tarim says:

    Where’s the new article ? :o

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