More than 50 mm rainfall till February 21

Pakistan Weather Update (February 11 – February 25)

After experiencing a severe cold wave that brought temperature to rare freezing point in Sindh, rainy days are back and they are heading once again to Pakistan as large western disturbance ’20′ is in Balochistan at present. Western Disturbance 19: A Review! Western Disturbance 19 entered Pakistan on February 3 and entered India on February…

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Karachi from the eye of a bird!

Karachi freezes to break 30 year old-record!!

“Russian winds bring mercury down!” Pakistan has been under the grip of a severe cold wave that has shown its strength in Balochistan and Sindh but it is the Sindh province that has been shivering under the chilly winds coming from north Asian states but it is true that February 7 was the coldest day…

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Sub-continent, a day before WD 19

Pakistan Weather Update (January 28 – February 10)

January has seen about five western disturbances in Pakistan uptill now with 2 to 3 cold waves that affected whole country however last week of January has been slightly warmer and drier than starting weeks but all that is about to change again. Summary of Western disturbance A total of 17 rainy waves have affect…

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Same clouds at 4 pm in the city, clouds are covering the sun!

Clouds in Karachi – Mackerel fish all over the city!

“Mackerel Fish swimming over Karachi sky!” With chilly winds at night and all-welcome sunlight during the morning, Karachiites feel the smell of winter. Though winter in this coastal city is not harsh neither severe but is enough to cause the people to wear warm clothes. In Karachi, it does not rain frequently during the winter…

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PWP Map: The track of upcoming western disturbance 17

Pakistan Weather Update (January 20 – January 27) – New!

January, the most coldest month in the country is about to end with good level of precipitation recorded in Pakistan. Though the intensity was weak to moderate but the number of rainy days were greater than compared to December. In Sindh including the city of lights (Karachi), due to the atmospheric conditions prevailing in the…

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