Portal Interactive: A Look at the Monsoon or Summer rains Start in Karachi

  •  This article is shared by Waseem Ahmed for PWP from Karachi city, Sindh, Pakistan

Given is a ‘quick look’ at the Karachi’s Summer Rains’ 23 years data showing the date, time and amount of First Rain and approx Total Amount of the Rains during that Season. Among those 23 years, Karachi had no Monsoon rain in two years i.e. 1991 & 1993.

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Pakistan Weather Update & Monsoon Alert (July 16 – July 31) – Updated on July 20


  • Negative Indian ocean Dipole declared!

  • Lahore getting frequent rains

  • Karachi waiting for it’s turn

New Update issued Below from July 20 till July 31 

Precipitation and Temperature from July 16

Precipitation and Temperature from July 16

Pakistan has turned into Monsoonistan as rains have moved into Pakistan, the only area of the country that continue to get proper rains is the northern areas that since the pre-monsoon activity in June is witnessing healthy amounts of rain while the central and southern areas continue to witness isolated events of rains however during the mid-week of July, some improvement was seen over the country, isolated rains occurred in Sindh and south Punjab while northern areas continued to witness almost daily thundershowers since July 6 though the activity weakened after July 10 before weakening strength on July 15 after a brief gap another monsoon spell is expected in the country.

Factors – Present Conditions

*Western trough ’13′ is over the northern areas of the country.aaa

*Low pressure over West Bengal, Odisha and adjoining Bay of Bengal persists.

*Upper air cyclonic circulation over Haryana and adjoining states of India.

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Portal Interactive: Meteorologically Melodramatic? The Year 2007!

  • This article has been shared by Zaeem Khalid from Rawalpindi, Pakistan


Everyone remembers the oppressive heat of the year 2005 and the near drought conditions experienced in 2006 in most parts of the country. Remarkably below normal rainfall in 2006 and less than 28 noticeable storms in the twin cities of Rawalpindi/Islamabad left things quite uneventful. But then came the year 2007; initially, the year brought some good rains in the winter and spring had a few impressive dust/thunderstorms. And then the monsoons started to penetrate the country that spiced up the year way more than anyone ever expected especially up in Northern Punjab and Northern parts of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa. (Picture shot at Bahria Town, Rawalpindi, a massive dust/thunderstorm engulfing the twin cities of Rawalpindi/Islamabad. Travelling at 157 km/h (wind speed 85 knots at Chaklala, Rawalpindi (Islamabad Airport)

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Grow up Media: Shocking video of a flood-victim!

‘Your sadness is their rating’

TV Drowns - Unethical reporting during disater

TV Drowns – Unethical reporting during disaster

What will happen to you if you lose your house due to a flood? Surely you will feel as if you have lost a part of yourself and there is no future. What will be your reaction when someone asks you at that time, ”How are you feeling after losing your house?, Are you missing your belonging?” and their sole purpose will be to capture your emotions, they might even play a sad song to show your emotions. Most of us would get enraged due to the immature and childish questions from such people, obviously this is no drama but a real disaster!

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Ramadan Mubarak from Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP)

Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) wishes all it’s readers across the world


Ramadan (also called Ramazan) as we all know is the ninth month of the Islamic Calender. Many Arab states, central, eastern Asian states and western countries would observe the first fast (Roza) on July 10 while sub-continent might observe the first fast on July 11, if the moon is not sighted this evening.

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