Portal Interactive: Rain the month of June

This list has been shared by Umair Dero from Hyderabad, Pakistan Most rain (75-100)% due to ‘Tropical Low/Cyclone’: • JUNE 2010:—–: 300+ mm (max) at Bhitala (Umarkot). (Max wind speed: 90 km/h in Thatta) • JUNE 2007:—–: 125+ mm (max) in Karachi. (Max wind speed: 111 km/h in Karachi) • JUNE 1998:—–: 147.1 mm (max)…

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Pakistan-India: Always bitter rivals

Birmingham drooling over Pak-Indo Match!

Birmingham is under the wet spell since few days and the chances of showers persist even tomorrow (June 15). High possibility of showers in the city though they could fade away before evening. Maximum temperature can be 14/15°C while the lowest could be 9/8°C, the city can experience windy conditions (35 km/h till 49 km/h).…

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Intense activity observed across the border

Pakistan Weather Update & Monsoon Alert (June 11 – June 25) – Update from June 16!

Very Active June in Pak and India Heavy pre-monsoon expected! Rains in Sindh, Punjab, Khyber, Kashmir  Go below for new updates issued on June 16 June is mostly considered a hot month for Pakistan but in the end pre-monsoon activity can start in some parts of the country however this year the pre-monsoon activity started…

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All is Red - The people were scared!

The infamous blood rain – Sky bleeds as red rain falls!

‘Something new came from the sky!’ You are standing outside in rain, enjoying the cool breeze and the smell of the rain, suddenly you notice that your clothes are turning RED. The pond of rainwater is turning red, the wall of houses are red and when you look up at the sky red rain is…

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