Glaciers are melting in Pakistan

With the increase in temperature due to the current heat wave, the glaciers in Gilgit-Baltistan province of Pakistan have started melting, resulting in significant increase in flows in rivers, streams and nullahs. Delayed this year! Usually, the temperature increases in Himalayan, Hindukush and Karakuram ranges of mountains soon after March, but this time the weather remained…

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Monsoon threatened by Indian Ocean Dipole!

This is the second monsoon article and it is a sequel of “Sub-continent awaits monsoon” The Pacific Ocean’s temperatures matters for the Monsoon  Cooling and warming of Western Pacific Ocean does effect the Indian Monsoon while the weather of many other countries as well. There are too phases of this phenomenon; El-Nino or El Nino-Southern…

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Cyclone hits Karachi, India – War with Ghazi deepens!

 This article is a sequel of “Cyclone vs Karachi saint” According to the Indian meteorological Department (IMD), the cyclone made landfall in the vicinity of Karachi but according to the New York Times “cyclone swept over Karachi”. If this is true then Abdullah Shah Ghazi lost the war with cyclones many many years ago. Who was Abdullah…

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