Pakistan Weather Update & Monsoon alert (September 17 – September 23)

  • Dry, dry and dry weather ahead!

  • All year weather returns for Karachi!

  • Relief for Sindh

Sindh province had been experiencing harsh rainfall since middle of August till middle of September, but all that appears to be the past thing as no new monsoon spell is in sight and monsoon of 2011 may be coming to an end. In Punjab, too there was a great start to the monsoon season but after middle of August, monsoon activity decreased gradually with the last monsoon spell hitting Punjab, Khyber, Kashmir and Gilgit till September 16. Temperatures have remained low and normal in many parts of the country while high humidity remained in the monsoon belt of Pakistan. All of that is now about to change! 

Outlook for provinces

Temperatures are expected to rise slowly, humidity and cloud cover is expected to decrease. However there is a slight chance (15 – 20%) of some isolated drizzle/showers during the end of the month in few parts of Sindh.


Dry weather with few passing clouds expected during the next 10 days. Temperature may rise till 36°C or 37°C in some cities of Punjab, similar conditions expected in south Punjab.


Dry weather with hot conditions in few districts of upper Sindh. Temperature may rise till 36°C, while at some isolated places it may rise till 39°C.

Khyber Pakhunkhwa

Dry weather expected in many parts of the province. Temperatures may remain around 33°C, while lower at some northern parts. Few drizzle may occur in isolated places of provinces.


Dry weather is also expected in Balochistan, temperatures will be higher in the coastal parts than compared to the north-western parts of the province.

Monsoon News of 2011

  • SW Monsoon takes 386 lives in Pakistan

  • Tamil Nadu get ready for NE monsoon from October!

  • Chapter of monsoon 2011 is closed!

Monsoon may start to withdraw from Pakistan during the next few days. The monsoon withdrawal date for Pakistan is September 15. In 2010, monsoon left the country before September 15. However in India, monsoon completely withdraws by October 15. The withdrawal is attributed to change in the wind direction. This triggers withdrawal of monsoon.

Before monsoon withdraws from West Rajasthan, Pakistan should be monsoon-free. The conditions of withdrawal of monsoon are;

  • Reduction in the level of moisture.
  • Formation of anti-cyclones.
  • Prolonged dry spell.
These conditions are forming in the region now. Monsoon is expected to withdraw from Pakistan in next 2 to 3 days while the monsoon will withdraw from west Rajasthan in 4 to 5 days.

Monsoon killed how many people in Pakistan

Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) was following the death toll that occurred since June 25 till September 15 due to monsoon. At least 386 people died in the country due to record-breaking rainfall (more than 200% above normal) in Sindh. While flooding in northern Pakistan and heat waves in central Pakistan.

Whats next?

According to some experts, conditions are becoming favourable in the Pacific of weak La-Nina, according to some U.S super computers, weak La-Nina has returned that may affect NE monsoon of India. In some parts of India mainly eastern parts, the north-eastern Monsoon will start. While tropical season will also start once the south-west monsoon completely ends that lasts till early December. Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) wants to know that;
However the bottom line is that Monsoon 2011 is coming to an end! 

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