Misery of others is a joy for few Pakistanis!


Pakistanis on Social media’

As disgusting and disappointing it is, the people of Pakistan were overjoyed to see the destruction created by Hurricane Sandy in United States of America. Pakistani justified it by saying that God has punished the Americans for their acrobats in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan and has given them Hurricane Sandy, which was the largest hurricane in the history of Atlantic ocean, possibly in the top five largest storms in the history of the world, Sandy also had an extremely rare collision with a severe winter storm.

Do not listen to everything the social media says!

Most Pakistanis were vocal on news websites, discussion forums but especially on Facebook where religious fan pages said that God has punished the non-believers and infidels; and soon they will be wiped out. It is a moment of sadness and shame that religious pages instead of creating harmony, patience, peace and love, are busy teaching the people to kill the non-believers in an indirect way and to feel proud in their moment of need. They felt no shame in using natural disaster as well for the very same reason. Following is a discussion on PWP’s Facebook page about the Burma Earthquake (Image and name had been blurred to protect the identity);

Strong Earthquake hit Burma on November 11

Therefore in a Tit for Tat move, the international media is more hostile towards Pakistan than towards any other Muslim state, 2012 Sindh floods were not highlighted in the World Media however floods in Bangladesh were mentioned by top media outlets like Cable News Network (CNN) and British Broad Casting (BBC).

God is for all !

When these few Pakistanis term such natural disasters as a eye opener for non-believers then Pakistanis should also remember that our religion Islam teaches that God is the creator of universe, for him all humans are equal as those are his creation. For God every place is equal no matter who lives there even if it has to be the most religious place in the world (our Islamic view). The Muslim Holy country of Saudi Arabia experienced its worst flooding in 2009 that killed 166 people so did God punish them for being non-believers?

Has Pakistan forgotten the floods of 2010, 2011 and 2012 that have killed more than 2,666 people. So the people of Pakistan are now Kafirs? Most Pakistanis pray to God but Europeans have started moving towards atheism but both the areas experience natural disaster but the magnitude is much deadlier in Pakistan than in America or Europe. The reason? Because punishment is not based on religion but deeds as God is for all!


8 thoughts on “Misery of others is a joy for few Pakistanis!

  1. @ K.M, Its not punishment because their weather is like this, USA and Atlantic weather is like this and stormy. Almost every other year USA face destructive Hurricane. New York is not desert like Karachi so it cannot be compared with punishment always. Why people always compare hurricane with punishment?

  2. dear admin plz give updates about winter forecast in Pakistan especially hazara region and plz inform us that why it’s becoming more and more moderate snow in hazara region especially Abbottabad that had brilliant snows in the past????? plz must reply

  3. dear admin you are doing a great job plz carry on and plz try to issue more artiles regarding weather of northern pakistan and plz plz plz issue the wintert forecast as soon as you can because i want to know about weather in january specifically because it’s one of the major reason for snowfall decline if its not raining in january and that happened in last few years thats why areas like Abbottabad witnessed least snowfalls beacuse winter is on a decline in february even if a system enters the country so result is less snow. plz inform us becuse we want yours expert asnalysis on the weather pattern in december and january…… thanks a lot for making such an informative weather portal, waiting for urs reply

  4. Thank goodness that there are people like you who don’t believe in bull crap like punishment and “azab” from God. I mean how will these people explain the three floods in a row that Pakistan experienced between 2010-2012. Ignorance is truly a bliss! Good article.

    • Thank you Zaeem 🙂
      Religion is a personal thing and it should stay that way, we have no right to judge a person by it’s religious believes.

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