When religion and hatred mingles in with weather!


I would not go in detail in this article as the images from two international newspaper would speak for themselves. The images were taken when cyclone ‘Mahasen’ threatened the border of Bangladesh-Burma in May 2013;

Image from the Biritish newspaper The Guardian

Image from the British newspaper The Guardian

Is there something wrong with the headline? Oh yes! So the Rohingya Muslims are not trusty, did they do anything to you? See more;

Image from US-based IBTIMES

Image from US-based IBTIMES

You want them to be wiped out from Bangladesh and Myanmar! Well that ain’t gonna happen!

Before you jump to conclusions lets remind you that our own people are not so different as well.

Fatwas on Facebook”

To maintain the neutral image of PWP, last year The Portal published an article about how religious pages on Facebook (one of them My Ideology is Islam & My Identity is Pakistan) wept tears of joy over the deaths of Americans during Hurricane Sandy and Earthquake in the Buddhist majority areas of Myanmar, following is the article:

Such activities should be immediately stopped and discouraged. Facebook/Newspaper pages like that should be immediately reported for spreading hatred.


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