Week long rain approaching Karachi!

Much awaiting rain nears south Pakistan!

A thunderstorm near Karachi

A thunderstorm near Karachi

A weather system has developed in the northern Arabian sea that would start to affect coastal Sindh including Karachi from April 1 till April 5 morning. The system has potential to bring heavy downpour with gusty winds to the port city along with adjoining Sindh cities.

This weather system would send heavy moisture to the upper parts of the country including Islamabad, Lahore, Multan, Faisalabad, Murree and other adjoining cities and bring widespread heavy rain.

Dont get carried away! This is an “April Fool’s day” post.


4 thoughts on “Week long rain approaching Karachi!

  1. lool.. At first I thought this was an old pic from those days of monsoon.. but then I got fooled -_- (because the news was so interesting) :p

  2. pirrrrr ye mazakkkkk tha yrrr,qasam se me smja k such hai, april fool me aisa mazak to na kro yrr karachi walo k sath , bht galt pir DIL DUKHA HAI

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