Pakistan Weather Portal: From Fame to a New Generation!

It is your blog – Hate it or love it, PWP is not going anywhere!

Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) - September in Review!

Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) has covered a long distance, it started it’s journey on a sunny day of March 6, 2011 and in just two months started appearing on different international newspapers and other social media platforms notably the Washington Post and the Guardian.  You can check the accomplishments of the blog here.

The Start (March 2011 – December 2011)

First logo of Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP)

First logo of Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP)


The logo was used from March till July 2011. Following is the first theme of PWP used from March 2011 till December 2011;

Old Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP)

The Fame (July 2011 – May 2014 )

The eye catching logo of PWP used from July 2011 till May 2014

The eye catching logo of PWP used from July 2011 till May 2014

This logo is one of my favorite as it defines Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP), it was made by Yousuf Tahir. The partly cloudy logo of the blog is more a like face of Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) that will be remembered forever. Following is the theme of PWP that was used from late December 2011 till May 2014;

The Fame Theme used by PWP

The Change/Transition Period (April 2014 – May 2014)

PWP X.5.X Logo

This period represented the changes to come to PWP in middle of 2014.

New Generation (May 2014 – )

PWP New Generation Logo 2014

New Generation PWP Logo 2014

Today a new chapter would be added to the history of Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) which is more than just a weather blog. The New Generation Logo of PWP defines two things;

  • One of the most discussed topic on this blog is a cyclone therefore PWP decided to make a hurricane it’s logo but it is more than that. The spiral bands of a hurricane represent crescents with a star in the middle which makes it  the flag of Pakistan. The star can also be seen as an eye of the hurricane. If you are going to look at it from a distance it would look like a cyclone and as you approach it would be represent the flag of Pakistan.

Following is the New Generation Theme of PWP which has the world famous art of Pakistani city buses;

And if you love pictures of nature then PWP has come with another platform just for you. After appearing on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+, PWP is now on Tumblr which is a micro-blogging platform and Instagram which is famous for sharing pictures.


Negative publicity is as important as positive reviews. Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) has met such type of criticisms since it’s start and it would continue to do so till the blog lives. The Portal has filled a gap and nobody can take that gap away from the Portal, the more you do the more it will get into the light!





15 thoughts on “Pakistan Weather Portal: From Fame to a New Generation!

  1. HI, Excellent work babar bhai, Keep it up. We all are with you and really appreciate your efforts. Though in my point of view the first logo is the best one. It looks like an eye, eyeing on weather 🙂

    • Thank you Tahseen for your support and kind words 🙂
      Well I used the first logo for a very brief time. It has it’s own importance as it was the first face of the blog.

  2. completely good look to the website and secondly as freaking rain lover i am always looking forward to read your so much informative articles so keep up the good work and best of luck

    • The “daily weather update section” has been replaced by the twitter column. If there is a serious breaking news then that section would be added briefly. However if people insist the “daily weather update” would return.

      • The main thing which we are concerned with are the “Daily Updates.” Its not about how the daily updates come. Whether the updates come via Twitter column or even by SMS, we don’t care. What do we care about is the updates should come at least once a day and they should be “detailed” ones. So if the twitter serves this purpose then we are happy with it. 🙂
        But I would suggest to include a separate “Daily Weather Update of Pakistan” section. This section should get updated only once per day. And It should get updated in the morning like at 10AM or in the night at 10PM. 🙂

      • As you wish, ‘Daily Weather Update’ would return that would be updated every night at 10 pm. Twitter will give short updates.

  3. Okay dude thanks , I really like site and logo change , beautifully beautiful , keep going to victory , my english is the best english I know , good luck and best wishes , thanks again .

  4. It is your blog – Hate it or love it, PWP is not going anywhere!

    I cant believe it that you have closed this blog. I understand all your reasons but I would urge you to try and get it back on professional basis as personally and professionally, your blog was the only source of accurate and up to date information and analysis.

    I wish you all the best and would love to see a great Pakistani service (in a much needed sector) come back.

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