Cyclone rumours grip Oman!

Last cyclone hit Oman in 2011 For the past couple of days Oman has been under the grip of a rumoured cyclone as lot of people from Oman have emailed Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) to ask whether a cyclone is expected in Oman. In March 2014, UAE witnessed strong rumours about a week-long thunderstorm. 

Monsoon 2014: Pakistan and India at the mercy of strongest El-Nino in decades!

“This is the first article related to the monsoon season of 2014 and it will be followed by many more articles” El-Nino: Monsoon’s biggest nightmare! El-Nino is a Spanish word which means boy, it may also refer to a Christ child because of the periodic warming in the Pacific near South America that happens around Christmas. It causes extreme weather such as floods and…