2010-The Most Bizarre Weather Year!

Pakistan flooded in 2010WE all should not forget that 2010 was the most disturbing year for Pakistan, interms of weather that year truly showed the whole world that climate change is infact a global issue that could not be ignored. It is really hard to see or witness almost all deadly weather phenomenon in just one year that too in just one country (Pakistan).  Let us now see how unusually the past year started;

*Drought & fog engulfs  much of Pakistan till late February after that below normal winter rain causes the situation to calm down.

*Intense & record breaking temperatures makes the country feel like a hot coffee from mid April to late May. In Moen-jo-Daro,  ancient city of Sindh province temperatures reached all time high that is 53.5 °C.

*High temperatures across the country helped fuel a Super cyclone Phet, a category 4 hurricane that was projected to hit the country’s main hub, Karachi. Luckly a western wave present over Punjab caused the storm to head towards Oman.

*After the Phet saga, record breaking monsoon rains created worst flash floods in living memory of Pakistan. The disaster was called worst than 2004 tsunami and 2005 Kashmir earthquake combined. The floods killed atleast 2000+ people.

2010 was nothing but disaster after disaster. Lets hope that 2011 does not repeat the “2010 Chapter”

2 thoughts on “2010-The Most Bizarre Weather Year!

    • It was great in lower Pakistan but horrible in UPPER Pakistan. The westhern disturbance interacted with the monsoon low pressure that caused massive rainfall in UP pak.

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