Threat to Pakistan???

A UK-based climate change expert has warned that there will be an exceptional change in the temperatures in Pakistan as a whole in the coming years, but that the province of Sindh will be less affected as compared to the other parts of the country. The projected temperature increase in the north is somewhat higher than in the south of Pakistan. Karachi may however face the threat of rising sea levels by the year 2100, Karachi could also see the wrath of super cyclones in the years to come.  Water issue between Pakistan and India could lead to “Water Wars” between the two states as well.

8 replies to “Threat to Pakistan???

  1. How true it is we will know after some years but I do not agree because During March 2010 karachi got 43 Celcius and till september 2010 over karachi weather was very very hot and secondly day by day Precipitation over sindh is decreasing and in other parts of country precipitation is increasing.Except karachi and sindh other parts of country receives heavy downpours to snow and hails even in whole winter and also in monsoon so this is also the reason to not believe on this report. Only one thing is correct which is about rising sea levels.

  2. We also think that except karachi and sindh pakistan weather is changing but not getting hot. Pakistan weather is becoming stormy and snowy except karachi and sindh. Maybe some body cannot agree but statistics shows it specially 2010 Rainfall and cold

    1. You must realize that karachi’s climate is hot and dry all year round with monsoon from June till september. Every part of the world has different climate, they cant be changed. Lower Pakistan is usually dry while upper Pakistan is wet. These things cant be changed.

  3. How would you explain the last year’s flooding in Pakistan. And do you think that the message portrayed in Al Gore’s ‘Inconvenient Truth’, about the impact of global warming, was reasons behind the natural disasters occurring so frequently?

    1. Mr.Neo
      Your “email address” is quite good…There are many theories about last year floods like HAARP, Indian involvement etc. But, global warming is the main reason for the 2010 floods. The 2010 floods were caused by a western disturbance coming from Afghanistan and monsoon low pressure coming from India, both the weather system interacted with each other thus causing record breaking rainfall, also a jet stream was also the reason, the same jet stream caused Russain wildfires too.

  4. Could the floods of 2010 have been caused by artificial means? There are certain chemicals that are used for artificial rain.

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