Cyclone VS Karachi Saint


 Abdullah Shah Ghazi a famous sufi saint that died over a tall hill that was located in the sea of Karachi. He was a very religious man and it is believed that his wishes and prayers were always answered by God.

As the legend has it :-

         “Severe waves and winds were eyeing a small village (modern-day Karachi), Ghazi lifted his hand in air and said ” STOP THERE”  and everything settled after that and the  cyclone never came back.”

After that no cyclone has ever made landfall to this metropolis directly ever. Following are the cyclones that came “close” to Karachi but later curved to Thatta (coastal Sindh town) or Balochistan province, thus leaving Karachi unhurt and untouched.

 *In May 1902, a cyclonic storm struck the coast near Karachi.
*In June 1907, a tropical storm struck the coast near Karachi.
*On 27 July 1944, a cyclone left some 10,000 people homeless in Karachi. Though it hit Thatta its rainfall and winds caused the deaths. 
*On 12 June 1964, a cyclone made landfall near Karachi. This cyclone hit Ketibandar, which is small fishing town in the Thatta district.
*On 15 December 1965, a ex-cyclone slammed the city with 10,000 casualties. This was a cyclone near Mumbai but it become a well marked low pressure area that caused much flooding.
*In May 1985, a cyclone made a landfall near Karachi. The cyclonic storm in 1985 which was moving towards Karachi actually had weakened over the sea while still a few 100 Kilometers away south of Karachi.
*In November 1993, a category 1 cyclone approached the Sindh-Gujarat border but dissipated due to high vertical shear over open waters. This cyclone caused massive flooding and rainfall in Karachi.
*In June 1998, remnants of the category 3 cyclone killed 12 people in Karachi. The remnants of this storm were actually moving towards south eastern Sindh.
*In May 1999, a category 3 Cyclone  hit near Karachi; this Cyclone killed 700 people in Sindh. It is the strongest cyclone recorded in Pakistan.
*In May 2001, the powerful category 3 cyclone hit the Indian border of Gujarat.  It caused rain along the Sindh coast.
*In October 2004, Cyclone Onil approached the Sindh coast but later recurved back to the sea; it caused heavy rain that killed 9 people in Karachi.
*In early June 2007, Super cyclonic storm Gonu caused strong gusty winds in Karachi with light rainfall.                                                                                                    *In June 2007, a cyclonic storm Yemyin passed near Karachi.
*In November 2009, remnants of Cyclone Phyan caused gusty winds along the Sindh coast including Karachi. .
*In June 2010, Cyclone Phet once a powerful category 4 cyclone, made landfall near Karachi as a weak tropical depression.
*In November 2010, remnants of Cyclone Jal caused drizzle with dusty winds in Karachi while it caused light to moderate rainfall in southeastern Sindh.

Thus strangely no cyclone has ever hit Karachi.


The story might be True or False but Ghazi is indeed the winner here whose religious acts and his peace message protect the people of Karachi. Today his shrine looks over the city from the hill, while the sea which is near the shrine rests peacefully and obeys Ghazi.

4 replies to “Cyclone VS Karachi Saint

  1. According to true muslim “Ghazi was also human and cannot protect us”. Allah is the greatest and can do everything. One of my true muslim friend always says to me that why people do not ask from Allah and why they give credit to Shrines? This culture has come from India and this is not muslims culture because muslims always go to mosque or ask from Allah and not from human. Cyclone also cannot hit karachi because it is not stormy or rainy area and it is desert from thousands of years and its weather is whole year dry and hot. Weather Conditions are never favorable for karachi and thats why karachi even cannot get rains like mumbai or gilgit. I have seen that people go to shrine to ask and i do not know why the cannot ask from Allah? if you asks one thing from Allah, You will get more than it.

  2. Dear, Credit goes to those people who asks helps direct from Allah and who do not asks from human whether he was good or not. It is possible that karachi ko kisi ki Dua ho. Waisay bhe yahan bohut say allah kay Farmabardar banday hai jis ki wajah say hum ko bhe kuch nahi hota warna to karachi kab ka…

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