Pakistan vs Australia Match likely to be stopped

A low pressure area near Srilanka

The epic Pakistan vs Australia match during the World cup 2011 that is scheduled on March 19 is likley to be stopped in Srilanka’s ex-capital colombo due to moderate to heavy rainfall.

What is causing the rainfall?

A low pressure area that formed some days ago in South Bay of Bengal is near the south eastern parts of Srilanka. The low pressure could produce thunder downpours in colombo from Saturday that will continue till Thursday with occasional gaps. So there are chances that Pakistan’s match may be effected today. But that does not mean it will rain 100% on Saturday, there are chances of light to moderate from today and increase there after.

9 replies to “Pakistan vs Australia Match likely to be stopped

  1. Pakistan said that we will try to win to get top position in Group A so weather must be clear today in COLOMBO, SRILANKA. Bay of bengal is the cause of heavy rains there and floods over Northern India to Northern Pakistan in 2010.

  2. I hope it doesn’t rain, Pakistan may win the match today and top the group. If they top the group, they will play team ranked 4th in group B. If they lose, then they play either India or S.Africa

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