Super moon unleashes disasters in Pakistan??

Super moon - Myth or Reality

There is a myth that before and after the super moon; earthquakes, floods, storms etc strikes the planet Earth. People around the world did not used to believe this myth but during the last few years some strange events took place around the super moon period that deepens the mystery, so is there a link?

 Super moon and Pakistan

Earthquakes jolts Pakistan

As soon the year of 2011 started, a deadly 7.4 magnitude earthquake struck Balochistan province with tremors reaching New Delhi and Dubai. During the past few months a number of earthquake have struck Upper Pakistan. On March 21, a minor quake of 5.7 magnitude occurred in Upper Pakistan, two days after the Super moon.

Floods brings 2010 memories

In January, winter flash floods killed 5 people and made 200 people homeless in Balochistan province. Was the Super moon to be blamed for it?

Lahoriites surprised and shocked

In February, an intense, long-lived and isolated hailstorm created panic among the citizens of Lahore that made them remember their sins and pray to God. Was the super moon to be blamed for it as well?

Sialkot takes twist over the twister

On the day of the Super moon, a F4 tornado with winds up to 200 mph unleashed its fury over the city of Sialkot. Was it because of the Super moon?

Major events in some Eastern countries

  •  Continuous minor to moderate earthquakes are jolting Japan since March 11 Tsunami and quake. On the Super moon day, a 6.0 magnitude earthquake hit Japan.
  • A day after the Super moon night, a 5.1 magnitude earthquake hit  Andaman island, India.
  • Volcanic eruption occurred in Indonesia on the Super moon day.

Myth or Reality

Why do tsunami and earthquake occur before the Super moon like in 2004 and 2011? Why do disaster occur around the Super moon? Did Global warming cause all this? Has Super moon joined hands with Global warming now?

8 replies to “Super moon unleashes disasters in Pakistan??

  1. There might just be some reality behind the myth, maybe something scientists don’t understand at the moment

  2. I think there is still no hard evidence that super moon can influence natural disasters on earth.
    All the enigmatic climatic effects of this month can some how be linked to global warming. And indeed if this is the case, then it deserves it fair share of research. Global warming may cause the same climatic disasters in the coming months. If this happens, then in the extreme case human existence faces threat of extinction.

  3. Think about it this way, if the polar caps start to melt at an increasing rate, the added increase in sea levels will cause havoc in the coastal cities and ports around the world. The added increase in temperatures, and increase in over all water in the oceans will cause more evaporation and hence cloud formation, leading to severe rainfall and flooding.
    This combined with the increase in carbon emissions can create toxic clouds, and hence acid rain.
    All in all, disasters that can inflict severe havoc on human population. It won’t be war that ultimately destroys human race, but lack of knowledge of climatic changes.

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