Pakistan Weather Update (March 25 – 31)

A feeble Western disturbance will affect the upper parts of Pakistan from March 27 till March 29. The western system will affect the northern parts of Pakistan that is upper Khyber, FATA, Gilgit, Kashmir and Islamabad. The intensity of this wave is light, thus no major rainfall likely in the country during that period.  

  • Islamabad could get light to moderate showers from March 27 till March 29.
  • Lahore will remain dry/sunny. But there could be some weak clouds from Sunday till Monday.
  • Peshawar could get light showers on March 28.
  • Karachi will remain sunny and dry. The temperatures will remain normal for the month of March. South west winds (sea winds) will keep the weather pleasant.
  • Hyderabad will remain very hot and dry. The temperatures will hover over 40°C during the next few days.
  • Gilgit will remain in the grip of rainy weather during the next 24 hours after that a little calm but the new Western disturbance will start to cause moderate to isolated heavy rainfall with strong winds in the city from March 27.

After the system moves to India, where it will cause light rainfall. Continental air (High pressure) will prevail over much of Pakistan.

9 replies to “Pakistan Weather Update (March 25 – 31)

  1. what would be the weather conditions in islamabad and Gilgit after march 27th,i need the information for flight reservation.

    1. Looks dry as no weather system is seen to approach the northern areas after March 27 but I would suggest you to check again on March 20 as weather would be much stable then.

  2. Imran mushtaq from Karachi what will be weather of Karachi from march till june mid any chances of cyclone in Karachi?

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