Ice Queen spends spring in Murree – More Abnormal weather in Punjab!

Snowfall in Murree - Whats next for Punjab?

More abnormal and rare weather visited the Punjab province as if the hail storm in Lahore and Tornado in Sialkot was not enough. On April 4, beautiful day of colourful spring, was whitened by a snow, last time a snowfall in April occurred in Murree was 1976, last 35 years.

Snow in Spring and Ice Queen

 In old stories and myths, the Ice Queen is a winter witch who lives in the North pole. She abhorred spring and everything that went with it including, joy, love and care. The sound of laughter of people in the month of spring used to irritate her and brought out her jealousy and wickedness. In that month, she visits places which are filled with hustle and bustle of people and cast her darkness and  snowfall which causes all the flowers and the happiness to wither and die.

Was this snow unusual?

People of Murree were shocked to see white roads

It was a unusal phenomenon indeed. The snowfall activity ends from early March to mid-March in Pakistan but if these cool western system enter the country after mid-March then hail storm occurs but no snowfall due to temperature variation in the atmosphere. It is very rare for these winds to have ideal conditions for snowfall in April.

How does snow forms?

Snow forms if the air in a cloud is below freezing. The water vapour then turns to ice. When they get heavy enough to fall, they drop out of the clouds. At this point though, If it gets colder, then the snow will make it without melting and so fall as snow.

The clouds of the Western system must be below freezing, thus snowfall occurred in the tourist resort. The snowfall started from 10 am and dissipated at 1:35 pm The temperatures decreased from 9°C to 5°C during the time of precipitation as six inches snowfall was recorded in the valley.

Murree got shocked and amazed

The snowfall took everybody by surprise. Tourist rushed to Murree to enjoy the unusual change in weather. Tourists and locals were astonished after witnessing this unusual weather change in Murree. The snow turned the weather cold that forced the people to put on warm cloths. They were shocked and amazed to see snowfall in a hot month.

Hail, tornado and now snow – Whats next for Punjab

There seems no stop to this bizarre weather in Punjab. Every new western disturbance is bringing some new weather phenomenon to the province. Global warming may be blamed for this phenomenon as well so whats next for Punjab??

5 replies to “Ice Queen spends spring in Murree – More Abnormal weather in Punjab!

  1. Why it cannot even bring rains over karachi and sindh? Except karachi and sindh all pakistan has rainy to snowy climate whole year and this year is witness? Daily sunshine and hot only over karachi and sindh may be the result of someone bad curse to karachi because otherwise its unable to understand.

  2. Will it ever stop rains and precipitation forecast for punjab,nwfp and kashmir to balchistan? because daily rains forecast everywhere except karachi and sindh is unable to understand

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