Pakistan Weather Update (April 20 – April 22)

As I said on April 11 that a another western disturbance will effect Pakistan on April 20 and thus a shallow western winds have entered the upper parts of the country under its influence more rains are expected in Upper Pakistan.

Which areas will get rain?

Mostly upper parts that is Islamabad, Murree, Gilgit, Kashmir, Khyber and isolated places of upper Punjab. Hail storm could occur as well and temperatures will remain below normal in these areas till Friday.

What will happen Karachi?

The western winds will once again kill the south west winds and temperatures will soar up from today till Friday. Temperatures will reach 39°C during this period. 

Last week (April 15 – April 18) in focus

April is usually dry and hot month in Pakistan but this year it had been cool and wet. Three western disturbance had already affected the country in the month of April, thus on April 15 a major western disturbance caused moderate to heavy rainfall almost all over Pakistan including the southern parts of the country. Hailstorm also occurred over the mountainous regions of the country. Fast to strong winds also battered the regions with precipitation.

Highest rainfall

Following is the highest rainfall occurred in towns/cities of Pakistan from April 15 till 18;

  • Garhi Dopatta got 92 mm rainfall.
  • Murree got 82 mm rainfall.
  • Islamabad got 52 mm rainfall.
  • Lahore got 50 mm rainfall.
  • Sibbi got 36 mm rainfall.
  • Multan got 15 mm rainfall.
  • Larkana got 14 mm rainfall.


These rains did set records for the month of April in some of the regions of Pakistan.

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