Pakistan Weather Update & Monsoon alert (May 13 – May 19)

  • Extreme heat wave likely to form

  • Sindh to touch 50°C

  • Snow to melt!

  • Monsoon in developement

Continental weather now prevails over most part of the country. A heating process is likely to start during the next days of this week which is normal and essential for the progress of monsoon season. During the next few days hot gusty winds (Locally called Andhi) are likely to lash Sindh and Southern Punjab, which is again common in the month of May.

The heat wave and Monsoon Update 2011

A harsh  heat wave is likely to develop over lower parts of Pakistan on May 14 southern that will cover all parts of the country on May 13.

The temperatures are expected to increase from 5°C to  7°C in many parts of the country. Temperatures could reach 50°C in some central parts of the country espeacially Upper Sindh. Following are the temperatures of some cities during the upcoming week;  

Temperature forecast from May 13 till May 29
  • In Islamabad, temperature will reach 41°C on May 17, the highest for Islamabad is 48°C recorded in June.
  • In Lahore, temperature will reach 46°C also on May 17. Lahore highest is 48.3°C recorded in May.
  • In Karachi, the south-west winds will keep the temperature low, but they will manage to increase to 39°C on May 19. The highest for Karachi is also 48°C recorded in May. Karachi will escape this heat wave.
  • In Multan, dust storm is likely during May 15 till May 19 with 46°C temperature on May 18. The highest of Multan is 50°C recorded during the 2010 severe heat wave in May.
  • While Nawabshah, Moen-jo-Daro, Larkana in Sindh province will touch 50°C during the coming week. All of these cities had 53°C temperature during the record-breaking heat of 2010.

The heating trend generally begins in April but this year, April was somewhat wet and cool this year, but the heat has returned just in time. Snow over the mountains due to long and cold winter season, will start melting during this period. The heat wave will help the monsoon season to develop. This is the first process of monsoon, after that in mid June pre-monsoon rains could occur in Pakistan and after that the proper monsoon rains of 2011 will begin in July.

6 replies to “Pakistan Weather Update & Monsoon alert (May 13 – May 19)

    1. Well, even if temperature rose to 60° does not necesssarily means that major cyclone will form, other factors also play important role in the formation of cyclone like weak or no wind shear, humid and moist surrounding and yes, high temperature etc… Cylone phet, cyclone Gonu, 2001 cyclone, 1999 and 1998 cyclones are some major events in the history of the arabian sea…though there has been some rise to such storms in the recent years..although cyclones are very hard to predict and forecast..there intensity and track chances rapidly…There could be a cyclone this year in the arabian sea but as of now there is no sign of such formation..even if it forms it might go to India or Oman or Somalia or maybe Pakistan..must wait till June….

  1. Thank you so much for such really helpful information…..

    Thanks once again!!! You really explain each and every thing..

  2. Can you please write an article on how cyclones are formed, what are the factors and how LaNina have an impact on the formation.

    Thanks! Many Thanks!

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