Floods re-visit Kohistan – Two years in a row!

Memories of 2010 back in the region

16 people have died – number expected to rise!

Khyber now joins Sindh and Punjab

In what appears to be a similar repeat of last year’s flood, fresh flash flooding has occurred in North-west Pakistan affecting the region of Khyer-Pakhtunkhwa. Kohistan has been badly affected as 16 people have lost their lives. The death toll is expected to touch 35 in coming days as overnight heavy rainfall linked to the ongoing monsoon season have generated a flood that has destroyed dozen of houses in the region.

Similar scenes were seen as the government requested the Pakistan Army to send helicopters for relief efforts, hundreds of people are still stranded in the region where rescue teams are doing their utmost to help the people. There is a fear that more monsoon rains might hamper the rescue efforts and could unleash more floodings. Kohistan was one of the worst affected regions in Pakistan by devastating floods in 2010, which had killed a large number of people and displaced millions across the country.

Just few days back, it was the Sindh province in southern Pakistan that was badly affected due to record-breaking rainfall in the south-eastern parts, the flash flooding killed more than 30 people in the province. After the flooding, diseases are started spreading due to lack of attention by the government. Also in some parts of the Punjab province, the rise in the level of Sutlej river has caused many villages to sub-merge. Condition is likely to worsen as more areas of Pakistan are being flooded

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