The Himalayan Earthquake: Death toll rises!

On September 18, a powerful earthquake rocked many countries near the Himalayan region. The magnitude of the earthquake was 6.9, the quake jolted India, China, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal.

The earthquake was the fifteenth most major earthquake of the current year.

The damage – From Nepal to Bangladesh!

Most of the damage has occurred in India and Nepal, with the most deaths also in these countries;


The Sikkam region was the worst affected state in India, heavy monsoonal rainfall are expected to hamper relief work in the area. Overall 87 people have died in India.


Tremor of 5.8 jolted the capital Kathmandu, scattered damage has been reported in the small country. Overall 8 people have died in the country.

 China: The Tibet Region

A building in the area that collapsed due to the tremors caused at least some 7 people to die.


In Bhutan, buildings in the capital Thimphu were also rocked. However there was no casualty in the small kingdom.


The capital Dhaka was also hit by the major earthquake. The Bangladesh met office has told that;

“We call it a strong earthquake on the basis of its magnitude.”

Total Death toll

Deaths have only occurred in India, Nepal and China, a total of 102 people have died in the Himalayan earthquake. Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) will upgrade the death toll if any more fatality is reported. However minor to moderate tremors continued to jolt India till September 19, the magnitude of the tremors were between  5.7 to 4.6. The earthquake is unusual as the Sikkim region is not a very active, the magnitude and the intensity of the earthquake was also high. There is no doubt in it! 

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