Worst floods in 50 years continue to haunt Thailand; Death toll rises in Turkey!

Floods in Thailand

  • 530 people dead!
  • 5.1 billion USD lost
  • 5 months – floods still continue!

Since July 31 till now, Thailand is surrounded by its worst floods in 50 years and things do not look like to ease anytime soon as the country’s capital Bangkok is still at great danger from floods.

Heavy precipitation mainly started from May in the country but flood-like situation erupted once remnants of tropical storm Nock-ten made landfall over Vietnam, causing extremely heavy rainfall in northern and adjoining Thailand on July 30, 650,000 people were evacuated from low-lying areas. The overall flooding situation took another face in August as La-Nina made her return.

Fresh Earthquake in Turkey

  • 5.2 magnitude tremours!
  • 19 dead in Turkey
  • East Turkey already quake-hit!

A moderate earthquake of 5.2 magnitude hit Van, eastern Turkey on November 11, shaking buildings and bringing destruction to the already quake-hit country. It was the second major quake just three weeksAbout 19 people have been reported to have died and the number might rise further, about 30 people have been rescused . Educational instituations in the region have been ordered to remain closed till December 5.

Since the latest quake, there had been protest against lack of relief efforts. Last month, a severe earthquake hit eastern Turkey killing some 500 people.

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