Pakistan Weather Update & Tropical Alert (November 25 – December 9)

  • Karachi’s night temperature falls

  • Fog engulfs Lahore and Multan!

  • Storm brewing in the Arabian sea? 

Precipitation and Temperature till December 2

November is coming to an end with little to no precipitation in the country, however foggy conditions like last year has also developed due to lack of rainfall. Temperatures have considerably dropped in almost all parts of the country and expected to drop further. Dry continental air is also prevailing over the country. But another interesting thing might be happen again in the Arabian sea!

Pakistan outlook

*Western disturbance 09 is affecting the extreme northern areas of Pakistan.

*Dry continental air prevails over rest of parts

*Foggy conditions to prevail over the plains of Khyber and Punjab from night till morning with slight decrease in the afternoon.

*Well-marked low pressure is near Maldives, it will further gain momentum in the Arabian sea in few days.

Western disturbance 08 and 09 – Big failure!

Both of these mid latitude waves have not brought any major precipitation to many upper parts of Pakistan regardless of bringing some light rainfall with cloudy periods in the Gilgit region. WD 09 started affecting Pakistan from November 21, it did bring a large cloud cover to central and upper parts of Pakistan till November 22 mid-day but as of now it is mostly forming clouds over extreme northern parts of Pakistan. WD 09 is not likely to cause any affect after 48 hours and it will move eastwards where it will become negligible.

However during last days of November or early weeks of December, western disturbance might affect (5% – 10%) the upper parts of Pakistan but that looks not much promising. (Picture shows: Western disturbance covering whole Pakistan)

Fog makes a come back!

During this time of the year, day time warm temperatures and dry cold air has once again caused fog to form over mostly over plains of Khyber and Punjab. However fog will gradually increase if winter waves does not cause precipitation in upper Pakistan and continental air remains stationary.

PWP advises it’s readers to obey the rules of high way traffic police to avoid an uncertain incident during foggy conditions especially during night and morning. (Picture shows: Severe fog over northern Punjab)

Back to Back storms in the Arabian sea?

People still remember Keila and ARB 03, but soon they will remember another storm as well that is already on its way to enter Arabian sea from Bay of Bengal. Many international, have hinted atleast a storm of depression status to come to life in the Arabian sea with most runs by them show some what a more westwards track than a NW (1 model). However western part of the sea is colder. The Low pressure is still bringing heavy downpours along the southern states of India including Tamil Nadu where fishermen have been warned of rough seas during the next few days, heavy showers would now extend into Maldives. Overall there will be a tropical activity in the Arabian sea this week. (Picture shows: Well-marked low near Srilanka and Maldives)

On November 23, a low pressure over south-west Bay of Bengal was detected at 1008 mbar and the next day it intensified and showed improved convection. On November 25, it intensified into a well-marked low pressure (strong rainfall bearing system) at 1006 mbar and due to favourable sea temperatures, it will further gain intensity. Tropical activity still continues!

Poll of the week

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14 thoughts on “Pakistan Weather Update & Tropical Alert (November 25 – December 9)

  1. back to back cyclones never formed in arabian sea before…What baout this season post monsoon cyclone are rare in arabian sea…whats happening with the weather…Is Pakistan weather changing?

  2. Cyclone Thane (Will be a named storm soon)

    Why is that all cyclone formed this NEM taking same route. Arabian sea has got 3 cyclones to 1 cyclone in Bay of Bengal after October 20th.Has this happened before.

    Mean while the earllier two storms Keila and ARB 03 were too forecasted to hit Pakistan but they caused devastation in Oman. Lets see with this storm

    JTWC track and Intensity

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