Cold wave takes its toll!

  • 300 infants in hospital right now!

Cold wave has started to show its wrath over the country as severe cold conditions have gripped many parts of the country. Siberian dry continental air continues to penetrate into Pakistan as temperature across the country has dropped significantly in many parts of the country. The current cold wave in northern part of Pakistan that is Hazara district has led to the killing of seven children. Some 3,000 children have been admitted in the local hospitals since December 1, many children have been suffering from respiratory problems.

  • Harsh cold wave kills children

Due to recent rainfall and snowfall, the cold conditions have intensified over the country due to which many people including elders and children especially infants are at great risk for respiratory infections. The affected districts include Hazara, Mansehra, Battagram, Kohistan and Torghar where severe cold conditions have been persisting since at least week.

  • India shivers as well

Since first December some 3,000 children had been suffering from the same infection due to intense cold conditions. Across the border, 75 people died during the past week in India due to fog and cold conditions. People in Pakistan should wear warm clothes and eat healthy food during winter months!

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