Tropical cyclone ‘Heidi’ slams Western Australia!

The fifth storm of the Australian cyclone season (2011 – 2012) has shown its strength to the western coast of the country as gale force winds with lashing rainfall battered the coast this morning. The Australian cyclone season begins from November 1 and lasts till April 30 with cyclones affecting either the western or eastern sides of the continent, some cyclones also affect the northern regions of Australia. Heidi is the second strongest storm to form in the region during the current tropical season as of now.

Features of the Tropical storm

  • Lashing downpour halt businesses!

Tropical storm Heidi formed on January 9 west-north-west of Australia and intensified into a category-2 hurricane on the Australian scale on January 11. Following were the features of the storm during peak intensity;

  • Strongest winds – 70 mph (110 km/h) (According to AS)
  • Heaviest rainfall – 166 mm
  • Pressure – 975 mbar

The cyclone made landfall on the morning of January 12 with slight weakening as it moved southwards though residents have been warned of heavy rainfall with winds reaching 80 km/h as Heidi moves inland. Moreover flights were cancelled and warning has been issued for stronger cyclones in coming months!

 Regional flights cancelled

  • 145 km/h gust battered the coast!

Airport Authorities had advised the passengers planning travel to or from the north-west of Western Australia that some flights have been cancelled due to the cyclone.

Warning issued to Australia

  • 3,500 homes without power!

Experts have warned the coastal communities of Broome and Exmouth that they face the higher cyclone risk than any else part in Australia. During the tropical season of 2012-2013, two cyclones in the months of October have been forecasted to hit the Western Australia with one bring a severe cyclone.

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