Pakistan Weather Update (March 21 – April 6) – NEW!

  • Sindh to heat up?

  • New system is here now!

  • Rain/Hail/Winds and Khyber!

Western Disturbance ’28’ – Rain or it will pass away?

Pakistan on March 26

The fresh western system that has been numbered ’28’ by PWP would enter sub-continent on March 25, it would affect the northern parts which includes Islamabad, Peshawar, Gilgit, Azad Kashmir, it would have influence over Pakistan till March 27 before advancing towards India. WD 28 is mostly weak in strength however rainfall would exceed 25 mm in the areas adjoining northern tip of Afghanistan while few parts of Jammu & Kashmir.

There are also chances of rainfall in Islamabad with strong winds (36 km/h to 48 km/h) on March 26. Following are the western disturbances in the month of March;

  • Western Disturbance ’23′ affected the country from March 3 night till March 6 morning, the system caused moderate showers/snowfall mainly in the northern areas of the country.
  • Western Disturbance ’24′, a very weak western system affected the country on March 7 till 24 hours, drizzle occurred in Giglit, thunder showers occurred in Islamabad on March 7 and March 8 morning. This system then moved into India as WD 23.
  • Western Disturbance ’25′ entered western parts on March 10 late night and after 12 to 24 hours it spread till the northern areas of the country. Due to this weather system, precipitation is occurred in Quetta, Peshawar and Gilgit. It moved away from Pakistan on March 13.
  • Western Disturbance ’26’, a feeble was seen moving over the extreme northern areas on March 16 night, it moved away on March 17.
  • Western Disturbance ’27’, approached the country on March 19 evening, it caused a sand/dust storm to originate over the desert regions of Balochistan due to a high over Iran that later covered whole Sindh including Karachi before moving towards Punjab, Gujarat and Rajasthan. WD 27 also caused isolated hail/rainfall in Khyber Province, while heavy rainfall/snowfall in Muzaffarabad. It caused trees to be uprooted in Murree as heavy rainfall lashed the city. It is likely to persist till March 20 night.

Sindh – Dry, dry and dry!

Rainfall seems to be confined to only northern areas

Due to western disturbance ’27’, Sindh experienced a dust storm that uprooted trees and billboards in the towns and cities of Interior Sindh on March 19, due to the storm night temperatures decreased in the province. Following are the night temperatures on March 20.

Due to the  trough of Western Disturbance ’28’, central Balochistan and adjoining upper Sindh could experience some cloudy (Partial) on early March 26. Moreover, the weather would be dry in the coastal parts including Karachi.

Temperature variation

Since the arrival of the dust storm, night temperatures have dropped all over the country, this decrease is likely to stay till March 25 and after that temperatures would start to rise in the country that is becoming normal.

There are chances that during the first week of April, temperatures in south-eastern parts mainly those of Sindh could experience some high day time temperatures that is 38°C – 40°C. While another weather system could impact the northern areas. Till then just wait for WD 28! (Article will be updated on March 25)

Western Disturbance ’28’ in Pakistan – Issued on March 26

Temperatures till April 11

Western system is present over western central Pakistan due to which moisture-laden winds are entering Pakistan from Iran and adjoining areas. Today (March 26), the system caused rainfall in parts of Balochistan including Zhob and Khyber including Peshawar. Heavy precipitation occurred at isolated places of Khyber as Parachinar got 53 mm rainfall. Islamabad also received light rainfall on March 25. More chances of rainfall in these area in 36 hours with few possible gust.

According to latest satellite visuals, dense clouds are coming from Iran and Afghanistan towards western Balochistan, as of now (10:00 pm) clouds of varying intensity have covered whole Afghanistan. Balochistan excluding parts near to Sindh, Gilgit and south Punjab are under the influence of this system as cloudy activity is taking place there. This evening high levels clouds bypassed Karachi towards south-eastern Sindh where they dissipated, another rain-free cloud over is present over upper eastern Sindh. High, mid along with low level clouds have covered Gwadar at the moment, there are also chances of light rainfall in Gwadar on March 26 night and March 27 early morning.

The Forecast of PWP is same as forecasted on March 21 with addition of slight chances of drizzle/isolated shower at one or two places of upper Sindh on March 26. Western Disturbance ’28’ would move away from Pakistan on March 28 however as said earlier, this system is largely weak in strength.

April looks bright and wet!

Temperatures in Interior Sindh would rise during the first week of April (38°C – 42°C) while western disturbance ’29’, the first weather system of April would also affect northern Pakistan during that same period, its intensity looks better than WD 28.

Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) Poll

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  1. Ani chances of local thunderstorm forming in Khi like yesterday a thunderstorm cloud formd……..????????

  2. any chances of cyclones forming in ARB in may or june ??? and are the conditions situable for cyclone to form can u tel tell that wil the conditions develope to bru up a cyclone ???

  3. there are some weather sites like accu weather etc etc most of them are showing thunderstorms in khi on 15 can you please conform that wl threr be islolated thunderstorms in khi ???

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