Bad weather – Bhoja Airlines tragedy!

“Microburst/lightening strike is responsible”

Site of the crash in Rawalpindi

According to Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP), the trough of western disturbance ’02’ was extending till into India, it was also passing through Islamabad and adjoining areas, a well-developed thunderstorm (CB Cloud) was forming W of Islamabad that has gained intensity and is moving in a northerly direction. It was accompanied by gust fronts as well.

Bad weather is blamed for the incident as possible lightening strike or microburst might have occurred, thunderstorm is currently being reported over Islamabad with rainfall with gusty winds of 56 km/h at 8:50 pm PKT. Light rainfall/showers with strong winds likely till 2 to 3 days. For more updates on the crash go to Express Tribune!

5 thoughts on “Bad weather – Bhoja Airlines tragedy!

  1. This is another proof that how bad is western disturbance for Punjab,Nwfp & Kashmir & how bad is its interaction with easterly during monsoon which also creates dangerous flooding conditions over & near Punjab,Nwfp & Kashmir to Quetta & Interior Sindh. Western disturbance is very very active from some years over Punjab, Nwfp & balochistan to kashmir which will kill more people in future.

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