Japanese and Chinese floods: Different location – same story!


China is the world’s second largest economy while Japan is the world’s third largest economy. China and Japan – The two countries that are separated by East China sea are under water now a days. Heavy flooding has brought chaos in both the countries.

China – Japan: All under water!

Different part of the world but the story is same!

Japan”Waterfall” in Japan

The recent heavy rainfall in Japan has been described as waterfall due to their powerful intensity. The rains have so far killed 28 people in the south-west part of Japan.

More disturbed weather?

There are chances of more rainshowers in area however the worst appears to have died down.

ChinaThe Underwater cities of China!

South and East parts of China were at the mercy of floods that have killed 11 in Guizhou Province while 2 million have been affected in Hubei Province.

More disturbed weather?

Heavy downpours would again lash the same areas again but the unusual ‘extreme’ rains are all but over. Which will be the next country?

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