Pakistan Independence Day to come with rain?

Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) keeping the Independence Day in mind, has made a special forecast for August 14. Many parts of the country have chances of rainfall on the special day.

Hurricane or Tsunami – Pakistan flag will rise!

Following is the likely weather in these parts of the country;


The eighth monsoon spell has started in the northern parts of the country as many parts experienced moderate rainfall after a dull day. Islamabad got 26 mm rainfall on August 13. On August 14, the weather over the federal capital would remain mostly cloudy with rainfall accompanied with thunder/lightning occurring in the city.

Azad Kashmir

Cloudy weather is expected with chances of rainfall with fast winds in the area.


Most parts to remain cloudy

Most parts of Balochistan would remain dry especially the central western parts, while passing clouds with drizzle could occur over northern and few east central areas due to increase in moisture-laden winds.


Mostly cloudy with sunny intervals during the day followed by chance of rainfall with thunder/lightning during the evening or night.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Due to the western winds, many parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is expected to witness cloudy weather while there are greater chances of rainfall with thunder/lightning in the northern half including Peshawar.


The eighth spell could cause rainfall with scattered moderate falls as well as  thunder/lightning in northern parts of Punjab including Lahore, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Sialkot and other adjoining cities as monsoon moisture is likely to improve on August 14.

The southern parts of Punjab would mostly remain dry with chances of isolated showers in Multan, Bahawal Nagar and other surrounding cities due to thunderstorm formation over western India in the form of the fifth monsoon spell.


The upper air cyclonic circulations that weakened few days back have again intensified into a mild low pressure area but it is not expected to keep its intensity for long, under its influence the fourth monsoon spell could cause showers/rain with lightning in Upper and south-eastern Sindh (Mirpur Khas, Sanghar, Umerkot, Tharparkar, Sukkur, Gotki, Khairpur, Jacobabad and few adjoining areas).

Coastal parts of Sindh that is Karachi and Keti Bandar would remain calm with chances of drizzle during the morning and night of August 14.

16 replies to “Pakistan Independence Day to come with rain?

  1. Very good outlook k.m..your blog had created weather mania in me! Fantastic blog and it not only predicts accurate weather of pakistan but of india as well!! We are hopefull that you and ur blog will progress further! Aamen

  2. @ K.M, Not sure but your website has become little slow. Here slow means web pages opening slowly. Please make it more fast

  3. Karachi Meteo.. from the start of Ramadan, I thought that rains in Karachi would have a negative effect on the city and also cloud coverage after the rain would be very less which would result in increase in temperature. Well that was when the weather in Karachi was cloudy/windy all day long. Even the weather right now is pretty awesome but I think that now Karachi should get some rain. This is mainly because of increase in diseases and viruses and rain would result in clearing the atmosphere and reducing diseases. So my main point is to ask you that when will Karachi receive a proper rain? I don’t mean the light drizzle, but the typical (monsoon) storm coming from the East direction which obscures the whole sky.. u may make an article or something.. or just reply in the comment.. as u wish ^_^.. and thanks for ur accurate predictions 😀

  4. kal to independence day hai. kya kal ya parson tando muhammad khan me kisi significant rain ki prediction he ya nhe? Or kya future me tando muhammad khan me kisi achi rains ki prediction he ya nhe? Plz rpl karen.


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