Changing colours of Karachi!

‘Different types of clouds hovered over the city on August 16.’

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17 replies to “Changing colours of Karachi!

  1. Sir tragedy is that now rajashtan is in normal category of rains,last week rains were normal to above normal but no rain came to central sindh..i was understanding that when there will be heavy rains in rajashtan we will also get some showers in central sindh but now it seems that here is divine blockage of rains in sindh,,situation in punjab is much improved and in india rain defecit is also decreased,

  2. lol Babar.. to say the truth.. I was on the roof of my house flying a kite (for the first time :D) and I seriusly wanted to take a shot of those different layers of clouds (three layers) one the normal evening cloud, another was those cirrus clouds, and one was I think alto cumulus? :/.. but yeah.. amazing weather as usual 😀

  3. Punjab mein itni barish, Karachi mein hai dry
    Sari forecast hai boring, yeh ha hum jantay
    kab hogi yahan barish, mujhay ab hoarahi hai
    Chinta to chita chita, chinta ta ta
    chinta ta chita chita, chita ta ta

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