Portal Interactive: Intense Lightning in Karachi’s History (since 1991)

  • This article have been shared by Waseem Ahmed from Karachi, Pakistan

Despite having rather ‘dry climate’ Karachi had some memorable days of Massive or Intense Lightning & Thunder during last 20-22 years, some of those dates given below:

  • 1) 16th July, 1994
  • 2) 2nd May, 1997 *
  • 3) 21st – 22nd October (midnight), 1997
  • 4) 30th – 31st July (midnight), 2006
  • 5) 17th August, 2006
  • 6) 9th – 10th August (midnight), 2007
  • 7) 8th August, 2010
  • 8) 29th August, 2011
  • 9) 10th September, 2011

* In above, the most intense thunder I experiences was on early morning of Friday 2nd May, 1997 when ‘I had to put my hands on my ears’ to try to be safe from ‘thunder blasts’.

Also some intense thunder days or nights in the city include;

  • 4th & 5th July – 2nd August – 2nd September, 1994
  • 14th January, 1995
  • 1st June, 1997
  • 11th September, 2005
  • 11th March, 2007

And on 5th & 6th December, 2008 people of Karachi experienced some sharp thunder bolts.

(Picture: Lightning in Karachi on 5th December, 2008 night)


17 replies to “Portal Interactive: Intense Lightning in Karachi’s History (since 1991)

  1. Intense lightning here in Lahore today woke me up in the morning cuz car siren went off because of the thunder sound. Wasn’t annoyed as i got to see the rain 🙂

      1. Well these showers caused 18 mm rain in Lahore which is more than the whole month average. Any more rain expected because of this wd or any other wd to affect Lahore in next few days? And what will be the temperature like in the upcoming days as i see TV channels saying that temperatures are likely to drop…

  2. I see lots of clouds in the sattelite over most of Punjab and kpk…Are these rain bearing clouds? And will it rain in Lahore during the weekend?

  3. Nice weather in Lahore with very heavy lightning and high winds plus moderate rain.Weather has turned cool. I was surprised because there was no forecast for rain in lahore. What has caused this thunderstorm to develop?

  4. its raining, heavy thunder and lightning with heavy winds now at the moment in Karachi….and its 5:30am Thursday Dec 13th 2012.

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