Hurricane Sandy: The Legend will live on for years!

‘Hybrid Storm – Rain, Winds, Storm surge and Blizzard!’

Hurricane Sandy: Biggest storm in U.S History

Hurricane Sandy was one the nineteen tropical depressions while it was the tenth hurricane that formed in the north Atlantic ocean. Sandy is probably the strongest hurricane of the 2012 Atlantic tropical activity as the minimum pressure was 960 mbar. The storm is responsible for the deaths of 111 people, death toll which will rise easily. Following is the list of countries that Sandy has affected;

  •  – Bahamas
  •  – Canada
  •  – Cuba
  •  – Dominican
  •  – Jamaica
  •  – United States

Size difference: Sandy, Irene and Katrina

Sandy is the biggest hurricane to threaten U.S (also in Atlantic ocean) as the diameter is 1,500 km, making it the biggest hurricane in the Atlantic ocean. Another thing that makes Sandy so unique is that unlike other tropical cyclones, Sandy interacted with a severe winter storm from the west that caused it to intensify further and eventually causing blizzard, yes blizzard over U.S state of Virginia.

It was due to all these factors that Sandy was named a “superstorm”. Later in its life, Sandy transformed into an extra-tropical cyclone. On the lighter side;

Fictional character ‘Sandy Cheeks’

Dozens of people on Facebook and Twitter said that hurricane Sandy shares a name a character of a hit-Nickelodeon series Sponge Bob Square Pants.


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  1. Baabar bhai.. is there chance of rain in yanbu saudi arabia (located near madinah along with Red Sea coast) .. as some sites are predicting some rain… 🙂

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