Division – Kashmir Heaven axed by Devilish LoC!

‘Beauty of Earthly heaven hidden from the world!’

Line of Control (LOC) which is one of the most volatile places in the world, any small incident can lead to major military crisis and stand-off between arch rivals India and Pakistan.

Kashmir - Birds fly over worldly heaven
Kashmir – Birds fly over worldly heaven

LOC is a de facto international border, according to the agreement this line separates Indian occupied  state of Jammu and Kashmir from Pakistani administrated Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Kashmir. Despite cool and pleasant weather in this area, the ground reality mostly remains extremely hot as soldiers from both side remain active throughout year!

Heaven-like climate of Kashmir

Breath-taking view overshadow by violence
Breath-taking view overshadow by violence

Even though the region is a center of conflict between Pakistan and India; and the main reason for lack of improvement in Indo-Pak relations, Kashmir has a heaven-like climate. Following are the factors that affect Kashmir;

  • South-west Monsoon brings major flooding precipitation from June to September in the region with extremely high humidity. These downpours bring frequent flash flooding. 
  • Western disturbance is an important non-monsoonal weather phenomenon in the sub-continent. Western disturbance occur in almost every month but peaks from late December till March and then again from May till June. In summer months, these western system brings severe dust storms with hailstorms.
  • Fog is common in the region if the winter western disturbance fails to move towards the region.
  • Cold wave which could be extremely severe especially in December and January.

This is just the glimpse of the climate as words cannot describe the beauty of Kashmir. If one visits the Kashmir valley certainly he or she would forget Pacific or European states as Kashmir is a combined package of both these areas.

Free the Heaven!

The people of India and Pakistan can reduce the tensions between the government of both the states, both the countries should learn a lesson from the European Union (EU) because by peace the original beauty of Kashmir can be restored and people from all over the world can enjoy the heaven on Earth!


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