Whitewash – Japan gets pounded by snow!

Mountains of Snow?

Mountains of Snow?

One of the Earth’s snowiest climate can be found in Northern Japan due to the interaction of Siberian cold that comes from neighboring China and the relatively warm Sea of Japan.

Its all but Snow and Snow!

Some parts of Japan have come to a complete standstill as devastating snowfall keeps falling over the country since the last week of February. The unimaginable snowfall has also occurred in Russia and Switzerland but it is Japan that is making the headlines, the freakish and foul weather is the reason behind multiple deaths in the country. In the Hakkoda mountains some 5.61 metres snowfall has pounded the country however the record is still not broken as on March 11, 1911, about 11.5 metre snowfall occurred in the area.

Positive thing also happening!

In a much refreshing news, the whirlpool season has started in Japan, locally called the Naruto whirlpool season, they can be viewed from Hyogo, a place in Japan.

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