Explosive rain with hail lands in Karachi!

Moon emerges, post-thunderstorm
Moon emerges, post-thunderstorm

It was an usual day for Karachi with bright sun but during the night, suddenly the sky covered with clouds that exploded with thunder and lightning. After some time, rain poured with enormous drops that mildly flooded the roads due to lashing downpours. Hail along with rain came as a surprise, this year it has hailed a lot in Karachi after many years.

The rain only lasted for 10 minutes, the heaviest occurred in southern areas.

5 replies to “Explosive rain with hail lands in Karachi!

  1. January to May, there has been a new storm track forming that originating in Brazil and the East Coast of Africa via Antarctica, and that moisture funnels through Arabia and end up in the Iraq-Iran-Pakistan area. Already floods have occurred in Arabia in March from this new storm track, and wadis and valleys that have not seen spring floods or torrential rainfall for many centuries, could be caught by surprise because the weather forecast models used by different nations in the area, have not been updated to include this new storm track potential yet. Pictures of the new storm track on web page listed below.

    1. That is weird, Karachi did see some hail in the 80s and the early 90s and now they have returned. Also Dec – March, the rain in the city was intense unlike in the past winter months.

  2. 10 August 2010 … maybe Tuesday or Thursday

    I came home from the Institute in the evening and Family told me about Rain that i missed so i felt so upset but conditions were so calm . after a half hour , i went to near the room window , what i saw in the North side 🙂

    matlab … US ke neeche kawwe aur cheelay buht ta’dad mein idhar udhar bhag rahe the aur woh nazar mushkil se aarahe the kyonke US ka color Dark Very Dark tha shayed Greyish Black 🙂 whatever but Babar Sir . woh pore North pe nazar aarahi thi har taraf hi nazar aarahi thi …

    itni ziada bari Kali Ghata jaisi CHaadar si kitne aaram se maze se chalti chali aarahai thi 🙂 phir 2 ghante tak baarish hui aur khofnak thundering maybe verticle Lightning Bolts …

    Notice: us din jab barish maghrib mein ja ke ruki to maine ek khas baat pehli baar dekhi ke baadal ke tukre grey color ke lehrate hue shumal mashriq se aarahe the aur woh waqai lehra rahe the ya jaise darya mein halke halke kashti dolti ho lekin ek ajeeb vibration si thi fiza mein … aapne pani ke andar se jaise samandar ke andar se samandar ki satah ko kabhi TV mein dekha hoga … looking up to the sea surface from under the sea or kuch waisa hi sama tha

    i think events sharing ka aap bura nahi manaenge 🙂


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