The Last Update – Beware of the Gushing Waters, Pakistan!

Message for Pakistan!

Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) is the first site in the world to uncover this hidden pattern.


FORGET ABOUT THE UPCOMING ELECTIONS WORRY ABOUT THE PEOPLE! PWP’s new article would soon be making landfall at any time and any day! Stay with PWP and share this as much as possible and spread the word!

ย Because after those five reasons you will believe us!

Updated on April 3 at 11:35 pm PKT

PWP to uncover the secret tomorrow, Article making landfall tomorrow at anytime (publishing it early due to tremendous pressure from people and eagerness to know)

Updated on April 4 at 8:00 pm PKT


PWP’s secret and most biggest article of 2013 is making landfall today at anytime, you will have five reasons to believe us!

35 replies to “The Last Update – Beware of the Gushing Waters, Pakistan!

  1. yay to bad men samny ajaey ga, but your prompt informative display about today and last rianfall at karachi is appreciable. dil chahta hai ap sy kahon: Shabash Baber bahi!! kya bat hai apki

  2. its abt a cyclone well frm my point of view you used the word landfall and on the sat images i see somethng brewing in arabian sea toh my guess cyclone

  3. ASSALAM O ALYKUM…BABAR BHAI…Please dont scare us…Insha Allah everything will be fine. Allah will never put on us a burden which we can not bear.
    Secondly we need to see our deeds that why Allah is angry with us and is punishing us. We need to improve our deeds and refrain from those deeds which makes Allah angry.

    1. Walikum Assalam
      Dear, I am not scaring even one, the upcoming article would be based on reality! And yes Insha Allah everything would be fine ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Excellent rain…. i predicted today in morning about sindh because i saw development at east… but i rained in karachi…. back to PWP before Moonsoon ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. plz tell baber bhai much suspense. i think it would be a cyclone , r active monsoon activity , r flood is it????

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