Ramadan Mubarak from Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP)

Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) wishes all it’s readers across the world


Ramadan (also called Ramazan) as we all know is the ninth month of the Islamic Calender. Many Arab states, central, eastern Asian states and western countries would observe the first fast (Roza) on July 10 while sub-continent might observe the first fast on July 11, if the moon is not sighted this evening.

Ramadan Monsoon – Moon sighting on July 9

Balochistan is the only part that is free from clouds
Balochistan is the only part that is free from clouds

The country (northern areas) is in the middle of the second monsoon spell. As per latest satellite image, cloud-cover over Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and adjoining northern Punjab and Azad Kashmir, thunderstorm over NE Punjab has moved into India. Cloud-cover is seen stretching from SE Sindh till coastal areas including Karachi. Thundercloud is forming near South Punjab’s Dera Ghazi Khan, it may intensify further.

The best place to view the moon would be Balochistan as almost all parts of the province are clear, probably after evening clouds might form in Khuzdar, Awaran, Panjgur, Musa Khel, Barkhan district and few adjoining areas of Balochistan.



27 replies to “Ramadan Mubarak from Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP)

  1. Very much beautiful as contain a satelite image and Ramzan logo..
    But peshawar wale aj chand dekhenge aur roza rakhenge conform

    1. Thank you 🙂
      Hahahahaha…lets see. I think this time Peshawar’s Mufti is also in the meeting of the Moon sighting committee.

  2. Bro, rains have been here daily in Lahore since past few days. Can we expect same or almost same trend to continue during Ramazan? 🙂

    1. Thats the spirit of monsoon 🙂
      The second spell has weakened now. There can be few dry days.
      Another spell (third spell) can come by mid-week of July.

  3. Ramzan Mubarik babar bhai. Babar bhai Lahore has got 318 mm uptill 10 July i think u have misplaced some amount. 177 mm in June while 141 mm in July so plzz review.

  4. Ramadan Mubarak to you as well.
    Sir can you tell me why south India is almost all the time in grip of thick monsoon clouds while north India has mostly cloudy condition but Pakistan is almost entirely clear.What will happen in Islamabad and Khaur during the month of Ramadan.Any chances of heavy rainfall.
    Please answer.
    Waiting eagerly

    1. Khair Mubarak.
      The far you go that is westwards, monsoon coverage starts decreasing. South India has local conditions which favor thunderstorm formation for instant the Western Ghats and the off shore trough that is seen frequently there in the monsoon season. Boost in monsoon activity over north-western India is only seen during the arrival of western disturbance.
      There is a third monsoon spell that can impact during the coming week. Its intensity is somewhat similar to the second spell.

  5. Asalam o alikum Babar bhai and ramzan mubarik to u and ur family. Babar bhai I have calculated the rain amounts Lahore has got 318 mm rain uptill 10 July perhaps u have misplaced some amount so kindly review. 177 mm was received in June while 141 mm in July uptil now so kindly review the amounts in July.

    Sir do Margalla hill range which has a altitude of 1000 M and is a part of Murree hills help in the formation of thunderstorms in Islamabad because most of the time thunderstorms or Super cells come form the NE or NW or N.Butt little come from SW or SE or S and do the green belts and Margalla hill range forest make Islamabad wetter.

    1. Yes Margalla hills do play a role. The day before 105 mm rain occurred in Islamabad during that time, clouds were seen to move from central Punjab towards Islamabad and at that night a strong thunderstorm formed at KPK that moved towards the capital.

  7. Rain has just started in Lahore (7:50am 12 July). Great weather. Dark clouds with cool breeze. Stunning right now!

  8. Sir we are totally disappointed from monsoons sluggish improvement in southern pakistan!
    Everyone around us getting rains you can see it is raining in all neighbouring states of india and in punjab it had rained for almost a week but sindh is hot and dry.
    At least this july is not gonna giving us rains. When will our frustration end?? Plz give a ray of hope to sindh

    1. I think we should not compare Sindh to Azad Kashmir, KPK and upper Punjab.
      Even the neighboring states of India are more wetter than Pakistan’s provinces. A weak spell is affecting Sindh and south Punjab currently, chances upgraded to ‘high’ from ‘moderate’.

  9. Sir i have to ask that some webs and muhammad hanif(PMD OFFICIAL) are saying that good rains are expected in pakistan from july 20 but if we look at india no well marked low there than how we can get rains iam confused plz elucidate the matter

    1. There is an upper cir cyclonic circulation forming. And yesterday I mentioned in the monsoon of Pakistan that a fourth spell would start in few days as compared to last few days the chances of in central and southern areas have decreased but we still have to wait and see what happens after the end of third spell.

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