Gwadar Island: Balochistan Earthquake fails to remain the top news of Pakistan!

‘Pak forgets quake victims: Twitter and Facebook filled with Gwadar Island!’


Pakistani people and their media have given minimum coverage to the earthquake in Balochistan as compared to the disaster elsewhere in the country while the media and the people (Pakistani trends on Twitter) are more interested over the Island that formed near Gwadar, no doubt the emergence of Island was quite interesting however it is worth mentioning that emergence of such Islands is some what considered normal near the Makran coast but proper coverage should have been given to the Balochistan’s earthquake victims as 300 people are dead while 500 are injured.

Even after 30 hours of the earthquake, there is still confusion about the exact extent of damage and number of deaths in the province while the nature, height and length of the Island have all been calculated !

“Joy on twitter – Lets tweet about the Island and start giving it names!”

Pictures of Island everywhere – Few pictures of the affected areas!

According to the locals, widespread destruction has occurred in Awaran district while 90% villages are destroyed in the area, shouldn’t this receive full time coverage like any other disaster in the country? Oh Yes! It wont because the disaster occurred in Balochistan and news from Balochistan does not sell in the media neither Pakistanis want to know about the condition of Balochistan! The media defends itself saying that they dont have much access to the province and they face threat from terrorist groups, most of the province has heavy presence of security officials.

Some people on Twitter and Facebook have severely criticized the overall media’s performance. Balochistan has experienced little coverage during the disasters in 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012 and now 2013!

20 replies to “Gwadar Island: Balochistan Earthquake fails to remain the top news of Pakistan!

  1. So true.. Media controls the feeling of the people, it may show ‘entertainment’ as a distraction of what actually happens.. and even though people know media doesn’t always give the whole news, we unconsciously [most of us] pretend that whatever is on the media is the only thing happened and we don’t think more of what actually might have happened in reality!

    1. Yes, I mean the news about Island is interesting but what about the deaths of 300 people! It should give coverage like any other disaster in the country. Today the news channel are back to their political and terrorist shows, while local says that ‘90% villages are destroyed in Awaran!!

  2. So true babar bahi u said exactly what i feel in the bottom of my heart.Becuz Baluchistan is isolated and poor and are rationalised we dont care of what happen to them.If an earthquake like 6.5 in Isd hits all year we see the media showing the pics and vid of that earthquake but here it is the worst of all earthquakes in pak history but no one care why ?Oh yaa becuz its Poor and not a part of their so called rating.Shame on us

      1. Aasalamualikum! Babar Bhai. The weather is still hot and humid in Risalpur even in these days there is no humid weather. When will the weather in Risalpur be changed/ and When will the decreasing trend of temperatures will start?

      2. Walikum Assalam,
        Overall no major chance expected in the maximum temperatures, slight possibility of showers with windy conditions during this weekend.

  3. BBC and Weatherchannel is increasing the chances of rain day by day? what you think will happen? and mention the areas too please.

  4. as salam u aalykum my dear brother after 25sep i am not getting any mail from the site please make it sure to send me mails (sultan akbar)

  5. Welcome back sir
    I wanted to ask you will there be any rain in December in isb and khaur.Will there be any snowfall in Margalla hills in winter.

    1. It did rain lightly/moderately I think yesterday, slight probability of some more showers in December. Snowfall in Margalla Hill is a rare event, I think it happened in 2011 or 2012.

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