Merry Christmas from PWP

“Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) wishes all its Christian readers and followers a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!”

Christmas temperature recorded in Pakistan are as follow;

  • Karachi at 10°C, 2012 Christmas it was  12°C – 2011 Christmas it was 8°C
  • Islamabad at 0°C, 2012 Christmas it was  3°C – 2011 Christmas it was -2°C
  • Peshawar at 2°C, 2012 Christmas it was  4°C – 2011 Christmas it was 0°C
  • Lahore at 4°C, 2012 Christmas it was 5°C – 2011 Christmas it was 0°C
  • Quetta at -8°C, 2012 Christmas it was -1°C – 2011 Christmas it was -5°C

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