Terror cloud traps New York!

9/11 was also an environmental disaster!

The infamous dust of New York

The infamous dust of New York

It was a day that changed the course of history. On September 11, 2001 two commercial airlines hijacked by the terrorists flew into the World Trade Center resulting in the death of more than 2,500 Americans. The collision caused both the twin towers to collapse resulting a gigantic dust cloud to envelope lower Manhattan of New York city. Interestingly the dust cloud was visible from the satellite.

Cloud from the satellite

Cloud from the satellite

When the samples of the dust cloud were analyzed it showed that the substance in the cloud had cement, gypsum, asbestos, glass fibers, calcium carbonate, lead and other metal particles. The pH of the dust was very high. The toxicity of the dust had a significant impact on the people who took part in the rescue efforts. Large number of men and women reported asthma attacks.

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  1. Today – Monday – March 3

    hails occured after Namaz e Fajr near sunrise time with heavy showers at Masjid e Alhamra’ – Bihar Colony in Jamshed Road – Karachi . i am resident of Bihar Colony – Jamshed Road , i confirmed the hails size of big Kancha (bigger than ground playing balls) . i confirmed 🙂

    Khan Akhtar

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