Meteor Explodes over Sindh?

Meteor shower in Sindh?

Meteorite of Thar in 2012
Meteorite of Thar in 2012

People from south-eastern Sindh have told Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) that a meteor has struck a town by the name of Diplo in Tharparkar district of Sindh. PWP cannot confirm this news and would wait for a media team to confirm this news. Ishaque Nizamani on PWP Facebook has written;

Aj mene meteor dkha boht bhayanak tha par abi tak us ke bary me tv pe report nhe ai us shahbe saqib me awaz bhi ajeeb thee us k bad exploding bhi suni gai

(Today I saw I meteor, it was very scary but till now there is no news on the TV. It had a weird sound and after a while we heard an explosion).

Another person by the name of Abdul Jabbar Junejo wrote on PWP Facebook;

Bright fire ball (meteor fall) in north west of Diplo so bright that clouds were visible due to light. Seen towards hyd (Hyderabad) side.

This is a developing story updates would be issued here if necessary. Did you observe a meteor in Tharparkar? Do let us know.

The meteor shower of 2012 in Sindh

On May 5, a meteor shower occurred in the Ladki village of Tharparkar district in Sindh during the night of May 5. The meteor caused a small crater. No damage occurred in the area however the meteor fell over a school building. The local people described the event as loud as thunderstorm or a bomb blast reported by a journalist Prem Shivani. The meteor weighed about few hundred grams. (The actual image of the meteorite that hit the Thar region of Pakistan can be seen above)

19 replies to “Meteor Explodes over Sindh?

  1. yes brother i live in hyderabad and saw by my naked eyes a bright light in the sky and it made the sky whole bright for a second or two, it appeared at 9:15,20 pm today.

  2. bhai ap ne tek likha waky bhe rat takrebn 9:15 pe ek baht bre roshne k sath shahabe sakib nazer aaya tha aor us k forn he bad bht bhayank se aawaz bhe aaie thi,agr kise ko is k bare me mazed kuch pta ho to zror sher kre .thanks

  3. AoA Dear Babar, GFS showing low will be moving towards Oman. What exactly your experience/observations suggest? Also, is there any possiblity of Cyclone? Please do comment in detail.

    1. W.A
      I have updated the monsoon of Pakistan page.
      Yes there is a possibility of a depression/cyclone in the Arabian sea, many runs by the numerical model do show that it is more likely to move towards Oman than India/Pak. The high pressure over Oman is weak while westerlies are not present over Pakistan that can force to curve it here. Keep eye on the developing situation.

      1. Babar, as per GFS image, the system would again perhaps take re-curve again towards KHI but not hitting niether Oman or yemen. Ya phir Oman k qareeb he kahin sea men dessipate ho ga……its track is still confusing.

      2. The exact track is confusing but it is mostly western. All updates on Monsoon of Pakistan section of PWP.

  4. AoA Babar, how can we say that pakistan coast is safe from Cyclone nanauk? What if it is again gain strength and take us in a surprise? It was suppose to hit Oman but all of a sudden it changed its track and now we are expecting that it will returned back to Gujrat???…….surprising and mysterious.

    1. W.A – True, the track was not constant since day one but the weakening phase was expected to occur over west-central Arabian sea where the storm currently lies. It has weakened from 65 mph to 40 mph storm over the area where weakening was expected. It would be very hard for it to gain intensity again as dry air, high wind shear and cold temperatures are blowing the top of the storm, check satellite it is now disorganized compared to few hours early. The dissipating remnant Low pressure might move towards Gujarat which can be a good thing for the monsoon.

  5. Yes Babar very rightly said k moonsoon par kafi positive impacthon gay aur perhaps bay of bangal me issi liye kafi behtar situation nazar aa rahi hai……so when will we may expect a good spell of rain in KHI & sindh?

  6. Waise bay of Bengal me or china sea se jo moisture transferho raha hai wo kafi healthy lag raha hai aur lagta hai k India me kafi barshen hone wali hen & pakistan me bhi…..what do you say about huge moisture that coming in bay of bengal?

    1. Well Monsoon is still very far away from Pakistan, it hasn’t even covered India yet. However around June 18 as mentioned by PWP on Monsoon of Pakistan some days back, there may be pre-monsoon activity in the northern areas.

  7. Array Babar Cyclone Pi Jaan Kahan hide ho gaye ho Cyclone Nanauk ki tran…….kuch tou pages to update karo……ya phir kisi cyclone k paida hone ka wait kar rahe ho k wo aye ga tou he pages update karon ga……. 😦

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