Climate Change is not New – A Brief Observation of the Past

Earth’s climate is not static, it is dynamic. Over different geological periods, it has changed due to inner planetary alignments, variance in Earth’s axis and orbit, increases in solar activity, etc. The natural reason for Climate Change is often neglected in debates.

There are two types of Climate Change;

1. Human-influenced

2. Natural

It took about 22,000 years for the planet to warm with an average of 9°C from the last ice age. It will only take 100 years for the mercury to rise with the same average temperature. It is found that human activities are responsible for the current trend. This is a prime example of how humans are shaping the globe’s climate. We can control human-influenced climate change (smog, aerosols, evapotranspiration etc) but the second one is beyond our species’ intelligence.

If the human race goes extinct by tomorrow, there will be a gradual decrease in pollution/greenhouse gases (observed during the COVID-19 lockdown when a large majority of the people were confined to their houses), it may slow down human-induced Climate Change but over 1,000 years the Climate will still alter due to natural reason.

Saraha and the Middle East were once green as the West African Monsoon used to extend North (Coffey, 2020). Ancient Egypt might have been covered in lush green forests. To develop such a civilization, one needs ample water.

It also explains the drains of Moen-Jo-Daro in Pakistan. Moen-Jo-Daro was able to cope with 500 to 1,000 mm of rain in 2022. Does it prove PWP’s theory that the ancient city wasn’t a desert but once a lush green area? The land of Sindh might have been different than what we know today.

Based on such findings and our own observation from 2011-12, it is possible that the Indian Monsoon may have also reached the far West. Hence, monsoon rains in Middle East might not have been as alien as we thought. They might be following its once ‘common’ track which is now irregular.


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