Fog in Pakistan during winter of 2012

Pakistan Weather Update (January 13 – January 20)

January  is the annual winter month in Pakistan where temperatures drop to their lowest point while the number of rainfall days is high in many parts of the country especially north-western Pakistan but southern parts mostly remain dry with cool winds. The central Asian winds dominate the country that move into north-western India as well.…

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Hailstorm in Islamabad in 2010

Margalla hills wear white clothes!

“A gift from Nature after six years to Islamabad!” It seems as if snowfall does not want to leave the heavens of Pakistan since last one week the otherwise green environment of northern Pakistan has turned completely white. The roads have been carpeted white, the trees are covered with soft snow and the mountains look…

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Lahore during a chilly morning.

Pakistan Weather Update (December 30 – January 7)

“2011 ends with below normal winter rainfall – 2012 to start with ?” With 2011 coming to an end, December in the country has been unusually dry with four winter systems but none of these having the potential to cause meaningful precipitation in the country. However season’s first snowfall occurred in many mountainous regions of…

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Cold wave takes its toll!

300 infants in hospital right now! Cold wave has started to show its wrath over the country as severe cold conditions have gripped many parts of the country. Siberian dry continental air continues to penetrate into Pakistan as temperature across the country has dropped significantly in many parts of the country. The current cold wave in…

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Lahore is white

First Outlook: Pakistan to witness Cooler Winter in early 2012!

After a hot start to winter in southern Pakistan, the winter conditions are likely to attain peak across the country in the coming year of early 2012 (January and February). La-Nina will influence the world winter with warmer than normal winter in many parts of the United States while colder than normal winter in India,…

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Castellanus cloud over wintry day in Karachi

Pakistan Weather Update (December 19 – December 25)

Pakistan has now entered the month where temperatures decrease rapidly across the country unlike in November. Cool systems became more frequent over northern parts of the country while south-eastern parts mainly remain dry but also could not escape the cool winds. Major factors affecting Pakistan now *Fresh western disturbance over northern Pakistan and adjoining area;…

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Severe fog over northern Punjab

Pakistan Weather Update & Tropical Alert (November 25 – December 9)

Karachi’s night temperature falls Fog engulfs Lahore and Multan! Storm brewing in the Arabian sea?  November is coming to an end with little to no precipitation in the country, however foggy conditions like last year has also developed due to lack of rainfall. Temperatures have considerably dropped in almost all parts of the country and…

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