Massive earthquake hits Japan – Quake also strikes Pakistan!!!


An 8.9 magnitude earthquake has just hit northern parts of Japan generating atleast 10 metre high tsunami , which has also hit coastal Japan after the super quake. Atleast 20 countries have given warning to their citizens after the tsunami hit Japan. 5 people are dead in Japan, numbers are likely to rise.


  • 400+ people are dead more than thousand missing.
  • Worst Japanese earthquake in 140 years in Japan.
  • The strongest aftershock was 7.1 that is comparable to Haiti’s earthquake.
  • Japan came to standstill after the earthquake and tsunami.
  • The foreign office of Pakistan in Japan is still trying to contact 300 missing Pakistanis in Japan.


Earthquake of 4.8 magnitude has hit northern Pakistan at about 4:45pm (local time) with tremours jolting Peshawar, the capital of Khyber province. This earthquake has occured after the massive quake of Japan. No damage is reported in the country.

4 thoughts on “Massive earthquake hits Japan – Quake also strikes Pakistan!!!

  1. Countries like japan and Indonesia and US Etc are almost hit every other year either by earth quake or floods but Nobody knows when earth quake or Tsunami will hit which location.

    • Yes it can..tsunami cant be predicted because its not a weather that can be told…last tsunami to hit coastal pakistan was before the creation of Pak..I dont remember the year but 4 metre waves hit Karachi while the worst affected area was the Makran coast.

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