Pakistan Weather Update (March 12)

The heat conditions are likely to grip the lower parts of Pakistan from tomorrow (Saturday). Cities of Sindh like Nawabshah could get temperatures upto 40°C  and Hyderabad may get 38°C by Sunday.

Karachi could also see some heat conditions, temperatures could reach 36°C on Sunday. Balochistan province will also come under the heat wave from Saturday with Sibbi city sizzling at 40°C on Sunday.  Weather will remain some what pleasant in the province of Punjab, Gilgit province, Khyber province, FATA and Kashmir for few days and after that temperatures will rise there too.
No rain is  expected during next 10 days after that isolated light rainfall could occur during the last week of March. In  Khyber Pakhtunkhawa , Punjab and Kashmir , the day temperatures are likely to increase from 2-4 °C. While in Sindh including Karachi and Balochistan the increasing trend will range from 4-6 °C during the current week.
Almost all parts of Pakistan including Karachi have received good winter rainfall with heavy snowfall over upper parts of Pakistan and it was a chilly winter this year too. It must be noted that temperatures are likely to soar up quickly this year this could become a problem again in the monsoon season of 2011. High temperatures will cause the snow over the mountains to melt and the monsoon rains will speed up the process thus chances of floods cant be ruled out.

12 replies to “Pakistan Weather Update (March 12)

    1. Brother, no one was able to forecast the floods of 2010, how can anyone be able to forecast if there will be floods in 2011.

  1. There may be a major problem for punjab,nwfp and balochistan but We do not worry because we live in karachi where floods or flooding rains does not occur. We just want meaningful monsoon rains like Lahore or Dhaka etc.

  2. Karachi gets meaningful rains every year during the monsoon. It got 700mm last monsoon, 400mm in 2009. While the average is 145mm. Karachi is getting abnormal high monsoon rains siince 2006.

    1. No no…I calculated the quantity from every measuring station of Karachi that is Landhi, University road, Defence etc. Dont trust Pak met office they only give the data of airport of Karachi. While giving the data of Lahore and Islamabad they give data of every measuring station.

  3. Is it possible to predict or forecast a hail storm? Why were the authorities unable to predict the hailstorm that hit Lahore a few days back?

    1. Yes it is possible to predict or even forecast hailstorm. If a super cell develops over a region then that is 100% chances of hailstorm occuring in the area where the super cell will head. I think the authorities were not monitoring the weather system..maybe they were neglecting it because of the weakness of the weather system.

  4. Dear, Why still there is a forecast of rain for next week for many areas of pakistan specially NWFP Areas and kashmir except karachi and sindh? I do not know that why western disturbance never creates frequent and heavy rains over karachi like other cities for instance: quetta and peshawar. Even this year only some very light and meaningless rain like drizzle for some minutes to an hour for just one or two day during whole winter and whole winter days were sunny but other provinces which got frequent heavy rains to snow almost every other day during whole winter which is great Injustice with karachi and sindh.I do not believe on these terms like climate change because our city always yearns for meaningful rains specially during winter.

  5. Although there is a chance of another flood in 2011 but we should keep it in mind that we can only forcast the rainy season but cannot asume that the rain will occure or not…

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