Pakistan Weather Update (March 14 -17)

Pakistan to Sizzle at 43°C

A moderate intensity heat wave is likely to enter lower parts of Pakistan, after surrounding Sindh and Balochistan it will move towards Punjab and Pakhtunkhwa. Temperatures are likely to increase by 3°C to  7°C above-normal in Sindh while 3°C to 5°C in Balochistan. While in Punjab mostly South Punjab temperatures will range between 3°C to 4°C. The heat wave will remain at peak intensity during this week but will start to dissipate due to light rainfall over northern Pakistan during the coming weekend. Following are the highest temperatures in the major cities of Pakistan during the current heat wave-

  • Karachi 39°C  on Wednesday
  • Islamabad 31°C on Thursday (after that chances of light thunder showers)
  • Lahore 34°C on Thursday (after that chances of drizzle)
  • Peshawar 30°C on Wednesday (after that chances of rain from Saturday)
  • Quetta 24°C on Wednesday
  • Multan 37°C on Thursday
  • Nawabshah- 42°C on Thursday
  • Hyderabad 43°C on Thursday

Most cities of lower Sindh are expected to get above 40°C to 43°C temperatures starting from March 15 (Wednesday).


  • Temperatures soared to 42°C in Chorr on Wednesday that is the highest temperature recorded during the current heat wave in Pakistan.
  • Temperatures have touched 40°C on Wednesday in Karachi, making it the hottest day of the year so far. The temperature needed 1.5°C to maintain its record of 2004 and 2010 which is the highest temperature ever recorded in March in Karachi that is 41.5°C. 
  • Temperatures in Nawabshah and Badin were also 40°C on Wednesday.
  • Nawabshah touched 42°C on Thursday.

Precaution during the heat wave

Summer heat waves have the ability to take you to you knees if you aren’t prepared when you go outside. It would be nice if everyone could stay indoors in the cool air conditioning when one occurs (load shedding may be a problem). Drink a lot of water when you are going to be outside in the heat. Use a lot of sunblock before going out and remember to wait for your car to get little bit cool before driving it as there is no air circulations going when a car is closed and is left in direct sunlight.


9 replies to “Pakistan Weather Update (March 14 -17)

  1. Only karachi and sindh will sizzle because other parts of pakistan have Rainy forecast till end of march and i do not know when parts like gilgit and peshwar will have frequent sunshine forecast?

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