Clash of the titans – Cricket war between Pakistan and India!

Pakistan vs India – Rain/Dust storm cant be ruled out!

The clash between Pakistan and India on March 30 in Mohali will truly be the clash of the titans. Apart from whats happening and will happen in the stadium, the weather over Mohali city will remain sunny and dry with partial clouds during the next few days. There is a western disturbance over Pakistan as of March 28, which will remain in the country for 24 to 36 hours after that it will enter India. The weak western system will effect Indian Kashmir. But India’s Punjab and surrounding provinces inluding Mohali will remain dry and mostly clear on March 30. Though it did drizzle in Mohali on March 28. Mohali’s minimum temperature is varying between 15-18 °C since a week. On the day of the match, maximum temperature will be below 35 °C and the minimum will be below 20°C . Rainfall with strong winds lashed Mohali on Tuesday night more light rainfall with strong winds likely during Wednesday (March 30), the western disturbance over Pakistan has entered India now. Wednesday will remain clear but rain could develop during the evening. In short, drizzle could occur in the evening otherwise weather will be sunny during the day.

6 replies to “Clash of the titans – Cricket war between Pakistan and India!

  1. This is true that Mohali will have sunshine but all pakistan except karachi and its province may get heavy to moderate rains and snow from Friday night. I am not saying this but maps and forecast are saying this.I do not know that when karachi and its province will get rains forecast like other pakistan areas?

    1. Light rain has occurred in Punjab..Moderate in Khyber..No heavy rainfall outbreak…Drizzle in next 24 hour in Punjab,Khyber…Karachi’s climate is dry we cant change that its how God has made it..

  2. Lets talk about cricket. Just tell me why indians are so confident and says that we can easily beat pakistan and we will win? Why pakistani’s has No confidence like this? When india can make a record of world cup winning against pakistan so why pakistan cannot make winning record against them? Which kind of fear pakistan has? Why pakistan cannot say that you cannot win against us in world cup?

  3. Will pakistan ever win against INDIA in World cup? Pakistan only makes songs like jazbaa and Aman ka chaka lagana hai but never won against india in world cup and has not confidence and power like INDIA. Why????? when we will see winning pakistan against INDIA in every matter?

    1. Because we Pakistanis are impressed by these Indians and fear them as a superior nation…just watch Pak tv channels…they all show Pro “Indian stuff”…the Bollywood show Indians as powerful and stronger than any country in the world…this has caused the Pakistanis to believe as if that is true..Infact its totally wrong…these are some of the factors that have made Pakistan to fear India…

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