Moderate earthquake jolts Chile

An earthquake of magnitude 6 smashed the earthquake-prone country of Chile, South America at about 10:59 GMT. Japan and Chile are few countries in the world where earthquakes are  a regular phenomenon. The latest earthquake did not cause any damage to the South American country. Chileans are still recovering from the 8.8 magnitude earthquake that struck the country in February 2010. That quake and subsequent tsunami killed 524 people in the country.

The most powerful earthquake in the world has also occurred in Chile,  a 9.5 magnitude earthquake off the coast of
southern Chile, killed more than 1,600 people and left 2 million homeless.

6 replies to “Moderate earthquake jolts Chile

    1. Yeah, I have also seen that movie, ‘2012’, maybe the earthquakes will end the world like this. so much for weapons and war, when nature is the true culprit.

  1. All worlds popular forecasters are showing rains all over pakistan except karachi and sindh after 7 days and daily rainfall for Gilgit and Kashmir

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