Pakistan Weather Update (April 22 – April 24)

  • Karachi sizzles at 41°C

    Continental air prevailing over Pakistan
  • More rains likely

Karachi in focus

In what appears to be the hottest day of the year for Karachi, the commercial and financial capital of Pakistan saw an unusual rise of temperatures and stunning decrease of humidity. The temperatures increased from 34°C to 41°C while the humidity dropped from 88% to just 9%. Yesteraday the temperatures were 40°C in Karachi.

The change in the wind direction caused the temperatures to rise, the North-Western winds have killed the South-Western winds (sea breeze) which usually keeps temperatures in control. The temperatures will start to decrease from Saturday but the temperature will still hover between 34°C to 36°C. The hottest April for Karachi was in the year 1935 when the temperatures touched 44°C. The high-rise in temperature usually occur before the monsoon season.

Another hot spot

In Nawabshah, city of Sindh province, the temperatures touched 44°C. Central and Northern Sindh are no stranger to temperatures around 40°C, where these temperatures are daily routine in the summer season.

Continental air is prevailing over Pakistan, meaning that no rainfall/cloudy weather likely over the country during the next few days. Karachi is under a grip of severe heat wave.

Northern and Central Pakistan

All these areas are likely to remain dry for next few days with temperatures likely to increase there.

More winter season rains?

Yes, more western winds are likely to effect Pakistan during the last week of month. Rains are highly uncommon in the month of April in Pakistan as April is mostly dry and hot but this year it had been cool and wet. A weak western disturbance will affect Northern Pakistan during the last week of April it will cause drizzle to light rain in Gilgit, Kashmir and adjoining areas.

6 replies to “Pakistan Weather Update (April 22 – April 24)

    1. Some cloud cover likely on Thursday till Friday but there will be rainfall or even drizzle during that period….as per the latest forecast..but keep in mind that weather changes in every 24 hour period…

  1. Karachi always sizzles and we karachi citizens always yearns for rains.karachi never get rains on time and always remains dry and hot. I do not know the reasons behind it.

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